It is better to be safe than sorry, but many people are scratching their heads as to why a common house cat was mistaken for a mountain lion in San Diego. According to ABC 10, the sighting of the animal prompted a police-aided evacuation of a 91,000-square-foot warehouse owned by GTM Discount General Stores around 7:40 am on Wednesday. A call was made to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and when game wardens arrived, they announced that the supposed mountain lion was “just a cat.”

Despite the inherent humor of the situation, employees who were in the warehouse at the time say the mistake was an understandable one. The house cat, which appears to be somewhat larger than average domestic felines, was first spotted overnight by a security guard.

“He thought we had a critter in here and he was definitely right,” Debbi Fieten, who works at the warehouse, told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “The first video was black and white, and the angle made it look like it was a pretty good size.”

The footage was shown to the owner of the warehouse when employees started trickling in for the work day, and the decision was eventually made to call local police. After reviewing the surveillance video, it was San Diego police officers that made the call to Fish and Wildlife.

The cat eventually left the warehouse and is not expected to be dangerous. You can watch a portion of the surveillance video below:

BIG CAT? A San Diego building was evacuated after someone reported what they thought was a mountain lion >>> video shows what all the commotion was about. What do you think?

Posted by NBC 7 San Diego on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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  • LouieF

    Goes to show you how these folks have removed themselves from nature and logic. Didn’t they stop to consider comparing the size of the cat to the desk and file cabinet? Even if you have never seen a mountain lion, which seems inconceivable to me, you could quickly look one up online.

  • RPJ

    This is further proof that the movie Idiocracy has become a documentary.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    Quite clearly a Siberian tiger who has already tasted human blood. You can tell from its confident gait.

  • thedwightguy .

    Looks like the panic along the border is affecting everyones sense of scale.

  • allsizedcatlover

    DIdn’t anyone notice the rings around the tail? Obviously a tabby cat….

  • earl hickey

    Have these people never seen a common house cat?

  • Snug

    That area is , of course , also known for the San Diego Chicken ,their mascot . Guess why .