It may be deer season, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of predator control while you’re out of doors. These hunters just happened to be in the right place at the right time when they discovered a deer fawn squealing in terror as two coyotes latched onto its throat. The hunters decided to help the young deer out and made two pretty impressive shots on the coyotes that knocked them down flat.

It was a rare opportunity and one that many hunters would view as a win-win situation. Not only do you get two coyotes, but you also give the fawn a chance to grow up. Some sportsmen pointed out that it was only natural for coyotes to prey on fawns, and asked whether it was really up to us to decide which species has a higher value.

With coyotes overpopulated in so many parts of country, many people would say yes in this case. Coyotes are also a nuisance and can be dangerous to domestic animals, so they certainly haven’t made the best case for themselves. Hopefully at least this fawn was able to make it back to mom.

What do you think? Would you have taken those shots?

Image screenshot of video by HighPointOutfitters on YouTube

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33 thoughts on “Video: Bowhunter Saves Fawn from Two Hungry Coyotes

  1. In a flash! The fawn had its ears and mouth badly bitten and was too disoriented and exhausted to run away. Wonder how much the pelts were worth that year? They make great parka hood trim!

      1. Nope. Actually, even the biggest idiot see the truth here. Unless,of course, that person is someone who is in denial about the feelings of inadequacy that fuel their weird need to dominate animals in order to prove their manliness.

      2. Humans are omnivorous predators, Keli. Hunting is a ubiquitous phenomenon in human culture outside of modern Western progressive mythology. Hunters are the original environmentalists, you know?

        Your pop psych criticisms are cute.

    1. In most of the US, deer hunting is an indisputably necessary aspect of well established game management protocols designed by biologists to preserve ecological balance.

      The bonus is that properly prepared venison is scrumptious!

  2. I don’t know any hunters around here who wouldn’t have done the same thing. Not because the fawn would be considered to be worth more than the coyotes, but because if you don’t keep the yote population under control, they will very soon be coming in your yards killing and eating your cats, and small dogs. They would even attack your children, especially if there’s more than one. I’m a meat hunter primarily, but given the choice between capping a couple yotes, and putting a doe in the freezer, I’m shooting the yotes.

      1. Let me guess… you’re an anti hunter! That must be the ignorance you were referring to… tellme, what color is the sky in your world???

      2. What about killing for sustenance (food) or for predator control to enable/promote sustenance hunting? What about hunting for population control to prevent disease and environmental degradation?

        Why do you hate the environment?

      3. At last.. We are finally on the same page!
        I TOTALLY agree; we need population control to slow spread of diseases and environmental degradation.
        So, when can we plan on you guys having your vasetomies done by?

      4. Pathetic. Kelly, your self guilt is shining and your ignorance is sparkling. Your mom should have swallowed…much like your dad. Better to let people think your ignorant than to open your mouth and prove it.

      5. Sorry everyone! I honestly did not mean to hurt your feelings so badly. Now I feel horrible knowing you will be crying yourselves to sleep tonight with my caustic comments penetrating into your souls.

      6. Your posts are like arrows, Keli!

        You are powerful!
        Let the world hear you roar!

        Caustic Keli will be heard!

        Furry lives matter!

      7. In fact, I will go you one better. I argue that the lowliest opossum has more value to this planet, ecologically speaking, than any human being. And I doubt many credible scientists will argue differently. Every coyote you knuckleheads kill for eating ‘your’ deer have more ecological importance than any of us. But justify away. You are the ones that have to look yourselves in the mirror everyday.

  3. Coyotes are an invasive species that take a large percentage of deer fawns each spring. Reduced numbers of whitetail deer are primarily the result of unchecked coyote populations. It is virtually impossible to exterminate these varmints, but shooting, trapping and snaring them saves numerous deer each spring. Oh yeah, coyotes carry all sorts of disease such as hepatitis, mange, leptospirosis, rabies, distemper, just to name a few! Learn about your wildlife because you are already operating out of ignorance.

    1. I am busy this morning but you just bet I will be answering your Full of Misinformation post ! It is *you* who are ignorant, my friend. In the meantime…look up the FACTS on rabies incidences in coyotes ! DUH. It is because of the presence of the coyote, that rabies incidences are LOWERED in any ecosystem they inhabit. Their job is to keep all species of animals in a more HEALTHY BALANCE. So yes…”Learn about your wildlife” (agree)…You are killing out of ignorance.

      1. Typical liberal clap-trap. Once you’ve lost the discussion on the merits, you stoop to insults! Coyotes are in every ecosystem in the lower 48 states and rabies is rampant in many of these areas. If a coyote kills and eats a rabid fox, raccoon or other mammal, the coyote is infected and spreads the disease far and wide, since they range over large home areas. Coyotes have a role to play in the balance of nature and man has a role to play in reducing their numbers because they have very few natural predators. When you let your house cat or little dog out to crap in the yard and it doesn’t return because some hungry coyote has turned it into a hot lunch, you’ll begin to understand the actual role that coyotes play! I attempt to kill and trap every coyote that ventures onto my property because I prefer to have more whitetail deer on my farm and fewer coyotes! Coyotes are the parasites of the animal world in North America. Coyotes are opportunistic killers of any and all animals they encounter, both wild and domestic. They are an invasive species that have been in the southeast for the past 30 years and the whitetail population has declined about 25% during that time. Send me your address and I’ll FEDEX you a pair of ears from the next coyote that shows up at the farm. You “Arts and Croissant” people don’t have a clue!

  4. I’m a deer hunter and yes I shoot coyotes because I see them as another hunter in my area. That being said there’s no reason for us to deny the fact that human hunters kill more deer a year than any coyote. Second of all, I’ve never heard of a coyote attacking someone. I’m pretty sure you’re more likely to encounter a rabid raccoon before you encounter a “blood thirsty” coyote. This isn’t “liberal clap trap” it’s common knowledge don’t make this a right vs left issue.

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