By now most of you are probably familiar with helicopter hog hunting. Kirsten Joy Weiss decided to take that same concept and apply it to a “harder” target.

Before jumping straight into the car-exploding action Kirsten decided to test her skills by hitting a moving RC car. She was able to make quick work of the car, but adding a helicopter into the mix adds a whole different level of difficulty. Not only is the target moving, but the shooter is also moving around the target.

Suffice it to say Kirsten’s shooting skills were enough to make quick work of the moving car. The explosives packed into the vehicle were also a nice touch.

Image from Kirsten Joy Weiss on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Kirsten Joy Weiss Blows Up Car from Helicopter

  1. Helicopter was in a hover. Sure, it’s moving, but not nearly as much as they’d like you to think. I don’t really think a toy helicopter with a shotgun is very impressive either. It’s larger than a clay pigeon. But I guess I need to get over it and take this for what it was, a shapely girl shooting in tight sexy clothing. Congrats. My girlies can shoot in high heels too!

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