These otters should be thankful the eagle didn’t have a bigger appetite, or it may have been one of them on the dinner plate instead of the salmon. In this video, a family of otters decided to bring their catch of the day to the surface near some docks. Not the best of ideas with a bald eagle nearby.

Bald eagles are actually notorious for swiping food from otters. They do it so much that scientists actually have a term for it: kleptoparasitism. Eagles will also steal food from ospreys, herons, or just about any predator they can overpower, intimidate, or outfly. There have even been cases of eagles attacking other scavengers, like vultures, in an attempt to make them disgorge their food. Birds will often vomit out their latest meal in order to fly away from a threat.

To the victors go the spoils—even if the spoils aren’t particularly appetizing. At least in this case the fish was relatively fresh. There is no info available on where or when this video was taken.

Image from Lewis Hulbert on the Wikimedia Commons

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2 thoughts on “Video: Bald Eagle Steals Freshly-caught Salmon from Otters

  1. More and more we are seeing the true nature of the venerable Bald Eagle. Ben Franklin was correct when he said the wild turkey was the most noble bird. I’ve seen countless Eagles on road kill, gut piles (alongside crows, vultures, and turkeys). It is cool to watch them fish, but when you see them lined up like seagulls or vultures, on a power line at a boat marina in Florida, waiting for fish scraps, you understand they are as much of a scavenger as “scavengers”. Maybe more. At a spot where I can watch multile Eagles in their nesting/roosting area, I’ve also seen turkeys chase mature bald eagles out of that roosting area. The Eagles got the heck out of there in a hurry. Turkeys fly very well.

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