YouTuber Royal Nonesuch is well-known for his homemade firearms. For this video, he decided to do something a bit different in a more “professional” environment: shoot a machine gun in an office building.

In the clip embedded below, Nonesuch takes the reigns of a .50 BMG M2 machine gun indoors. The famous “Ma Deuce” is the longest-serving weapon in the US military arsenal, so it should be pretty familiar to most viewers.

The muzzle blast alone from this gun is enough to make your ears ring behind a computer monitor, which makes shooting it in an office building even more outrageous.

Image from Royal Nonesuch on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: What It’s Like to Shoot a .50 Cal Machine Gun in an Office

  1. That was pretty lame. I was expecting him to empty that entire string of ammo! It’s YouTube, that is the only way to properly do it. Also, did he shoot into a safe? That seems very dangerous, not to mention just ruined what is probably a >$1,000 safe.

  2. C’mon, really? Unless this is the elusive “Browning M2Z, Zero Recoil .50 cal.”, I’m calling shenanigans. Definitely a fake, that thing would kick back hard and lift the belt feed of our was really fired. Nice try, thanks for playing.

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