Think mountain lions are just bigger versions of house cats? Think again. A home security camera recorded this violent confrontation between a wild cougar and a Doberman, which ended with the two animals in a life-or-death struggle within seconds of their meeting. If it wasn’t for that chain, then the Doberman may have had a fighting chance, but then again, the collar may have very well saved the dog’s life.

Like most wild cats, mountain lions strike for the neck to kill prey. The thick collar that kept the dog connected to the chain may have saved it from the worst of the big cat’s attacks. Toward the end of the video, it appears as if the homeowner noticed the commotion and came out to investigate, spooking the mountain lion. According to, the Doberman survived the encounter with 60 stitches. We are unable to independently confirm this, or where the video came from. It appears to have been recorded early last year.

Although the dog survived the encounter, this video is a harsh reminder that mountain lions will readily hunt domestic animals given the chance. This is one of the reasons why mountain lion sightings in urban areas should never be taken lightly. Be warned that the video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for some viewers.

Image screenshot of video by Vic Bekyan on YouTube

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30 thoughts on “Video: Vicious Fight Between Mountain Lion and Chained Doberman

  1. What an asshole keeping his dog chained all the time… The dog almost had a chance against the mountain lion…
    I cant believe the dog owner came out with his fat ass just like his dog was playing with another one, and not fighting to survive… If you are planning to have a dog to keep it chained all day, just dont have it…

    1. My mother has a high pedigree German Shepard. EVERY time he is loose he gets out of a FENCED 6 acres lot an chases cars. Some you time have no choice but to keep a dog chained. just saying

      1. She could train him not to chase cars. A “high pedigree German Shepherd” is certainly capable of learning not to chase cars.

      2. Yea she doesnt know how. Stops me from working with him afraid I might hurt him. He is 4 years old and very hard headed. Been allowed to do what ever he wants. I have trained 7 Shepherds gave up on this one. Her dog her mess

      3. Then she learns or put up a fence high enough that the dog can’t jump it. It isn’t rocket science

      4. OH so IM glad all you wise @$$ people know everything. YOU can go to hell. I did my best to talk her out of buying th FRIGGIN DOG YOU WANT A DOG WISE @$$ IF NOT STFU

      5. LOL You don’t even make sense. You must have very high blood pressure. I think it would be pretty obvious what needs done. We had a dog who got out of the fence and we had to fix the places she was digging under. Your mom clearly doesn’t need this dog if she can’t keep her in a fence is all I’m saying because the reason this dog is getting loose isn’t an excuse.

      6. The dog is 90 pounds mother is 84. YOU COME TELL HER ALL ABOUT YOUR SOLUTION TWIT. SEE what happens

  2. What I’d like to know is why this dog is chained up? If you are going to have a pet let them be a part of the family, you don’t keep a pet chained up, put up a fence you stupid f*ck!

  3. You know you live near mountain lions why the hell do you chain your dog up outside? A tied up dog outside is just stupid, why? Not a very good guard dog if it’s tied up. Poor thing, I hope hes okay. You can see a spot that looks like it could be blood where the cat had it by the throat. Whats the point of having a dog if you’re going to keep it chained up. These mountain lions are looking for food because people are taking over their territory, their food supply so they move closer to where dogs and cats reside, if it’s chained up it won’t stand a chance. I’m guessing the man scared it away before going out there which is why the lion ran away.

  4. The home owner should be shot for leaving the dog chained up outside like some kind of bait, what the hell is the matter with people anyway, they probably live in cougar country and the should have know better than this ! blame the homeowner for this one !

  5. Is there an address attached to this video? If anyone can supply one, real name of (will_ford) and location, we’ll send the local authorities over there, and have both of them in jail for cruelty. If this video stays up they’ll catch them and prosecute.
    This guy is “mental”. They have psychiatric wards for sick people.

    1. How do you class this as cruel ??? The family basically just have a pet guard dog that happens to live where theirs mountain lions .???

      1. Because they live in an area of the country where there are wild animals that will KILL a pet dog, and they basically tied it up where it could NOT escape if attacked, like it was bait. That is stupid and cruel. (Tying a dog out ANYWHERE for it to live like that is just as cruel—-those people should have their dogs taken away as well but I digress)

    2. I’m with Gareth on this one. you can’t punish the owners for chaining up their dog like people are suppose to. No matter where you live, there are wild animals that could pose a threat.

    3. What kind of PETA idiot are you…Must live in a Perfect world, you moron! The owner did nothing wrong…However you did with your insane comment!

  6. Ok.. has anyone thought of this? some places make u tie ur dog up. Its a rule some place have..i live in town and when my dogs go out side i have to have them tied.and I have a field right behind me and theres lots of coyote. I don’t leave them outside all day just to go to the bathroom.. he might been doing the same thing.. he might be able to afford a fence… a fence is not going to hold back I mountain lion.. they can jump it.. from what I saw he was coming out to get the dog to being him in.. he might of not saw the lion until he saw the type.. u don’t know what happened or the whole story.. he may have posted it to make people aware the can come for ur pets.. I’ve seen poeple video types pets and they are lose and running around and one come up and run away with the pet.. before saying jumping to stupid ideas find the facts out frist.. the dog is healthy he takes care of it.. he didn’t beat the dog..

  7. Obviously the owner was standing there recording the whole thing and didn’t go out to help his poor dog until after the fact! He was used as bait! Disgusting, leave him chained out to wait for the next visit!!

  8. Looks to me that the homeowner was replaying his security video with a cell phone. So I doubt he was recording it in real time.

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