Video: Vicious Fight Between Mountain Lion and Chained Doberman


Think mountain lions are just bigger versions of house cats? Think again. A home security camera recorded this violent confrontation between a wild cougar and a Doberman, which ended with the two animals in a life-or-death struggle within seconds of their meeting. If it wasn’t for that chain, then the Doberman may have had a fighting chance, but then again, the collar may have very well saved the dog’s life.

Like most wild cats, mountain lions strike for the neck to kill prey. The thick collar that kept the dog connected to the chain may have saved it from the worst of the big cat’s attacks. Toward the end of the video, it appears as if the homeowner noticed the commotion and came out to investigate, spooking the mountain lion. According to, the Doberman survived the encounter with 60 stitches. We are unable to independently confirm this, or where the video came from. It appears to have been recorded early last year.

Although the dog survived the encounter, this video is a harsh reminder that mountain lions will readily hunt domestic animals given the chance. This is one of the reasons why mountain lion sightings in urban areas should never be taken lightly. Be warned that the video contains graphic content and may not be suitable for some viewers.

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