Video: Young Hunter’s Priceless Reaction to Hitting Deer Target


When was the last time you saw someone this excited over hitting a target? This young archer could barely hold back her enthusiasm after landing her shot, and who can blame her? It may not be a real deer, but a target is one of the first steps before actually going out in the woods and harvesting your first animal. Thanks to initiatives like National Archery in the Schools Program, more and more children are getting involved and educated in archery. Not only does this lead to a larger amount of youth interested in competitive archery, but also more young hunters in the woods.

Maybe before too long she’ll get to try out a different bow from a treestand.

Do you remember the first time you sent an arrow into a deer target?

Hope this will be my daughter one day..Video Credit: Matt Keller

Posted by Country Thang on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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