Video: How to Build an Awesome Woodsmen’s Cabin for $500


You can build some pretty impressive cabins and shelters for almost no money if you have a little patience.

YouTuber OutsideFun1 built his first tiny cabin with $500 and a lot of hard work. This cozy cabin was built on a piece of private land in northern Canada, and since the area of cabin is less than 10 feet by 10 feet, it did not require a permit. It took him eight months and 52 logs to build, but the result is something we would not mind having on our land.

Nearly all of the wood and supplies for the build were harvested from the land it was built on. Only the stove, furniture, and windows were donated for the build. Watch the videos below if you want to see the steeps necessary to build you own.

Here is the finished cabin one year after construction. As you can see the house is still in great shape.

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