Spotted at SHOT: Underfolder Stocks for Ruger 10/22


There are plenty of stock options for the beloved Ruger 10/22, but when was the last time you saw a underfolder for one? This year, first-time SHOT Show exhibitor Underfold Stocks displayed their wares to the public. The small company from Longwood, Florida makes only one thing, and that is underfolder stocks for the Ruger 10/22. According to co-owner Adnan Malik, it is a point of pride for the shop.


“We have been in business since late 2012 and we are only focusing on Ruger, especially the 10/22 for now. The focus is 100 percent on Ruger because personally, both me and my partner love the product and it’s very easy to shot, there are millions of them out there, it’s a great beginner’s gun, etc. They have been around for 40 or 50 years you know? They haven’t changed the style so even the old rifles are compatible with our stocks,” Malik told OutdoorHub from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.1368115690-newgear16

The stocks themselves are made of relatively simple, injection-molded polymer with a stainless steel pivot system and aluminum arms. Matched with a Hogue grip, the stock weighs less than two pounds. There are also options for the 10/22 Takedown.


“We make everything here in Longwood, Florida just outside Orlando,” Malik said. “This is where we do all the milling, sheet work, classic molding, all in our shop. We don’t buy anything overseas. We take pride in our work. Our testimonies speak for themselves.”

The basic polymer stock is currently on sale for $99.99, down from the regular MSRP of $179.99.



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