Video: The Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle at SHOT Show 2016


Axelson Tactical unveiled their Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle with the help of Danny’s mother at SHOT Show 2016 last week.

In 2005, Danny Dietz gave everything to protect his fellow soldiers in a fierce battle against the Taliban. During the fight he was shot several times, but he refused to quit fighting. Marcus Luttrell, of Lone Survivor fame, tried to save Danny by moving him to an area with more cover, but ultimately he succumbed to enemy fire. He was posthumously awarded the US Navy’s second-highest award for valorous actions in battle, the Navy Cross, on September 13, 2006.

The Danny Dietz Tribute Rifle was designed to look just like the gun Danny carried into his final battle. Obviously, the replica lacks select-fire capability and a functioning grenade launcher. Other than that, the rifle is identical to what Danny carried right down to the camo pattern.

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