Video: Testing Rage Broadheads and Easton Arrows vs. Ballistic Gel


By now everyone has seen ballistic gel testing with bullets. Now, courtesy of GY6vids, we get to see what an arrow looks like plowing through ballistic gel in slow motion.

GY6vids used a Rage Chisel Tip 3-blade broadhead and an Easton Carbon arrow for the test. He’s also shooting it from a HOYT Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo with a 60-pound draw. It’s a fairly common setup that most bowhunters would use for medium-sized game. However, the results were not something you would want to see in the field.

The arrow-broadhead combination performed flawlessly through the bare ballistic gel and it penetrated and impressive 16 inches. However, once a slab of beef ribs was placed in front of the gel block, things started to go wrong. Every time the broadhead struck bone, there was a catastrophic failure of both the arrow and the broadhead. The arrow shafts shattered after skipping off the bone, leading to reduced penetration. The broadheads themselves also failed when the cutting blades separated, yielding a much smaller wound channel.

These results were pretty surprising. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced an issue like this.

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