Last week OutdoorHub made a post about YouTuber JoergSprave‘s bottle-powered arrow launcher, which while impressive, lacked a certain oomph due to its slow firing rate. As promised, Sprave has now returned with a fully automatic version of the contraption.

The original arrow gun worked by using the air pressure from inside the bottle to launch arrows sitting over an aluminum tube connected to the neck of the bottle. When a valve is turned and the air released, an arrow shoots out. To make the gun full auto, Sprave added levers to the valves so they would open when striking a board at the top of the gun, and a electric screwdriver to turn the entire mechanism. With better equipment—such as replacing the bottles with something that can hold higher air pressures—Sprave could easily turn this pneumatic arrow Gatling gun into something that can really pack a punch.



Image screenshot of video by JoergSprave on YouTube

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