What would you do if some thieves not only stole all your hunting gear, but also your beloved dogs? Larry Mills said he and his wife were distraught after they discovered that their trailer—filled with their hunting equipment, guns, and four English pointers—had been stolen in the night while they slept. KRQE reported that the couple was traveling through Albuquerque, New Mexico while returning from a trip in Arizona late last month. After staying at a local hotel, they went outside to find that the trailer had been unhitched from their truck and was nowhere to be found.

“Last night, 9:30 or so, I went out to feed the dogs and I exercised them and put them back in the kennels about 10,” Mills said.

“I have grandsons that think the world of them and so do my wife and I,” he added.

With no clues as to who stole the trailer or where it could be, Mills feared the worst. The couple extended their stay in the city and reached out to news stations in the hopes that somebody would recognize their trailer. Luckily, a local resident saw KRQE’s broadcast and noticed that a mysterious trailer had been abandoned near their home. Mills and his wife were able to retrieve their dogs, who beyond being a little bit famished and dehydrated, was none worse for the wear. Officials say the thieves did not appear to be able to get inside the trailer and Mills reported nothing missing.

In the end, it was an unexpectedly good turn of events for the hunters, who say they are grateful for the tip. You can watch an interview with Mills below:


Image screenshot of video on KRQE.com

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One thought on “Couple Has Trailer of Hunting Dogs Stolen, Reunited after Helpful Tip

  1. Glad they got everything back.. but especially their dogs. The “things” can be replaced.. dogs can never be. Thanks to whomever found the trailer!

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