Tired of using traditional inflation valves or clunky electronic air pumps? A startup company by the name of Windcatcher is claiming that their new device can amplify your breath power by up to 15 times—inflating many things in just seconds. The company previously appeared on Shark Tank with its “quickstream inflation” valve, which is also named Windcatcher.

“When you blow into the Windcatcher you create a stream of fast moving, low pressure air. Because it has a higher air pressure, the surrounding air is sucked into the low pressure air stream. As a result, the air entering the Windcatcher is at least 10 to 15 times greater than the air you expelled from your lungs,” the company said in its Kickstarter, which raised nearly $150,000 in 2013.

The Windcatcher AirPad, a small air mattress, can fold down neatly.

Simply put, the valve allows users to blow more air into their inflatable items, whether it be an air mattress, tent, or a raft. Windcatcher says its valve is also easier to deflate since it comes with an invertible release. In addition, the sleeve-like valve has the benefit of never touching the lips, which means users can avoid putting dirty, mud-splattered valves in their mouth.

Currently the company only has two types of air pads with the attached Windcatcher for sale, but founder and inventor Ryan Franye says that more products are already in the works.

“Designed to be super convenient, the Windcatcher AirPad 2 can be deflated and packed up in seconds. The valve’s ability to double as a carrying case means you’ll never misplace or fumble with a clumsy stuff sack again,” he stated.

You can see a demonstration of the Windcatcher below:


Images courtesy Windcatcher

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