Richard Wyatt, 52, onetime star of the Discovery show American Guns and owner of the Gunsmoke gun shop, was arrested late last week on charges including dealing firearms without a license and tax evasion. According to CBS Denver, Wyatt now faces a 13-count indictment after officials say he continued to sell firearms, despite surrendering his Federal Firearms License in 2012 for unspecified violations of federal laws. Authorities also say that Wyatt failed to disclose $1.1 million in income to the IRS.

Wyatt’s family-run gun shop was the focus of American Guns from 2011 to 2012. According to his bio on Discovery, Wyatt had previously served as a former police chief, fire fighter, gunsmith, and firearms instructor. Also appearing on the show was his wife and Gunsmoke manager Renee Wyatt, as well their children. The show was canceled in late 2012 amid controversy and just a few months later the Denver-area shop was searched by the IRS. It was later raided in 2015 by the ATF.

Investigators accused Wyatt of conspiring with another gun shop to sell firearms without a legal license. Customers who bought firearms at Gunsmoke were directed to complete their purchase, including filling out the necessary paperwork for a background check, at another store with a valid firearms license. Authorities say Wyatt told his employees to enter all firearm sales as “miscellaneous sales” after 2012.

Wyatt is also charged with failing to report personal income during the years of 2009, 2010, and 2012. He also allegedly failed to pay corporate taxes from 2010 to 2012.

There was some speculation among Wyatt’s supporters that the show’s cancellation and subsequent search by the IRS was due to Wyatt’s outspoken support against gun control in Colorado. Thomas Miller, one of Wyatt’s attorneys, echoed this sentiment and speculated that the ATF may have a political agenda in pursuing its case against his client.

“I would say that the political bent of Washington is more behind this than it should be. I truly believe that this is driven by political winds,” he told the Denver Post.

Wyatt is currently held without bond until a hearing on Tuesday this week. You can see one of the original trailers for American Guns below:




Image screenshot of video by Gunsmoke Guns TV on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “‘American Guns’ Star Arrested for Selling Guns Without FFL, Tax Evasion

  1. Hahaha they can complain about politics all they want but at the end of the day, did he sell firearms for the last three years without the appropriate licence? Did he choose not to report income to the IRS of whatever amount? I liked that show when it was on, enjoyed both seasons of it. I do recall him saying to several employees and his family, “it’s got to be done, one way or another, make it happen” . And that attitude is probably what got him into trouble. Good luck to them.

  2. Mr. Wyatt is a douchbag. Having once upon a time used their “gun smith” services and the end result damage they did to the rifle along with his.. if you don’t like it, get bent.. attitude when I asked what they were going to do to fix it cinched it for me.. he deserves every minute and hour he’ll have to serve for his crimes. Hell I’d bet that as they dig deeper we’ll see more charges added. This guy has no business owning a gun much less selling them.

    Good riddance to a black mark on the community

    1. I saw a post on a forum where a guy said he had a pair of Colt 1911s with consecutive serial numbers. He took them to Gunsmoke to have some work done, and the shop put their logo on the slides. The guy said it was way too deep to be polished out.

      Nice, huh?

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