This jacket may not win any points for fashion, but its unique ability to transform into a tent may pique the interest of outdoor enthusiasts. A group of students from London’s Royal College of Art designed this prototype coat from a paper-like fabric which also doubles as an emergency tent. Currently, the jacket is constructed from lightweight, waterproof Tyvek with an insulated Mylar lining. By removing the jacket and arranging it in a series of origami-like steps, the user is able to craft a relatively robust—but small—one-person tent or sleeping bag. The students behind the project say it is originally meant for refugees, such as those currently leaving Syria, but the concept can be applicable to just about any outdoor venture. Slap some camo on it, and you may just have something that hunters would be interested in.

“It converts easily into a sleeping bag, becomes a shelter that can accommodate one adult and a couple of children, and obviously a coat that can carry lots of different features such as documentation, mobile phones, personal effects. And there’re even panels that allow people to carry some aspect of clothing and so on, to distribute the weight,” project co-leader Dr. Harriet Harris told Reuters.

[RCA students design wearable dwelling for Syrian refugees ]A group of students from London’s Royal College of Art…

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The current prototype jacket is designed to be low-cost and mass produced easily, lending itself well to crowdfunding. However, the project’s Kickstarter only raked in $14,000 out of the $427,464 goal. With only three days left in the campaign as of Monday, it is very unlikely that the project will raise the necessary funds to put the jacket into mass production.

Nonetheless, the students say they will begin seriously testing the jacket this summer.

What do you think? Would you consider something like this for your next trip outdoors?

You can see a video of the jacket below.




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