You put tank tracks on it, of course. According to RT, an engineer from Russia removed the wheels from his Soviet-era Lada and attached it to a pair of tank tracks for superb off-road handling—just in time for the bitterly cold winters south of the Ural mountains. Pavel Shavrin apparently built the over-sized snowmobile because he didn’t have a better way to reach his farm, where he kept chickens and rabbits, due to inaccessible roads. However, where the Lada fears to tread, the Lada tank simply crushes beneath its tracks. Shavrin said he built the tank in six months and spent only about $1,300 to construct it.

This is one junker we won’t be making fun of anytime soon.

Image screenshot of video by Ruptly TV on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: How to Make Your Junk Car into an Off-roader

  1. Very cool stuff. We actually had some Soviet era ditchers, along with a variety of tanks and ACPs at Fort Irwin National training center back in the 80s. Amazing stuff, if for no other reason than that the Soviets made it work work 50’s technology.

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