Score one for ingenuity, an outdoorsman in Ottawa, Canada built this inexpensive cabin in the woods out of three shipping containers. According to the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Joseph Dupuis acquired the shipping containers for roughly $3,400 Canadian each, and built the entire cabin for less than $20,000. Judging by the quality of the cabin seen in the photos below, that is quite the steal.

“I want to help as many people as I can get out of the pocket of big banks and make people more self-sufficient,” he told the Huffington Post. “I see my friends buying $400,000 houses and they’re in debt for the next 35 years. It’s pretty backwards—we don’t need these expensive homes and all this stuff we have in our lives.”


Dupuis says he built the cabin over the course of three months, spending about 12 to 13 hours every day working on the home. Trained as an engineer, Dupuis said it was a struggle to keep the metal cabin from overheating in the summer and being turned into a frigid icebox in the winter, where temperatures could reach as low as negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  He had to wire an improvised heating and cooling system inside the floors of the cabin, and also installed a wood stove to keep conditions bearable during Ottawa’s bitter winters.


Nearby, Dupuis kept two additional shipping containers that he used as a makeshift garage to work on his motorcycle, as well as a storage unit. The engineer says he is no longer living exclusively at the cabin, and is even considering selling it.


If you are interested in having a low cost shipping container home but aren’t sure if you’re willing to put in the sweat and toil, several companies can make them for you. American Pride Industries specializes in converting shipping containers into hunting cabins. You can watch an interview with them below:

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