These Scandinavian hunters got quite the shock after they were charged by a bull moose.

These two hunters were out with their Norwegian Elkhound, presumably to hunt moose, when suddenly things got very dangerous. The Elkhound was tracking a moose and eventually the dog was able to corner it. That’s when the moose’s fight instinct kicked in and it started to charge the hunters. Even if you are armed, 1,500 pounds of moose sprinting at you is still terrifying.

In the end no one was injured including the moose. Thankfully there was a camera around to record this intense experience.

Image screenshot of video by KingFisher907 on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Moose Charges Hunter and His Dog

  1. I saw a dog doing what it was bred for , I saw a guy taking a rifle for a walk , I saw another guy walking with him . I did NOT see a HUNTER ! If I had , I would have seen an ELK (not moose in Norway ) charge , and brought down at close range by a hunter .

    1. Moose are called elk in Europe. Elk are called deer, because if you call an elk an elk, they think “moose”.

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