Somebody should probably help these two critters out, unless you really want to find out what bird-stuffed pike tastes like. Actually, that sounds like it wouldn’t be all that bad. This battle between a pike and a grebe was captured by angler Chris Verheul while fishing near Zegveld, Netherlands earlier this month. Grebes are known for being much less wary than ducks, so it is not surprising for this one to be snatched up by a pike. Unfortunately for both of the animals, it seems the predatory fish bit off more than it can swallow.

Pike are known for preying on smaller ducks and other waterfowl. Subsequently, they are also known for choking to death while attempting to eat them. There have been several documented cases where anglers have discovered a pike attempting—and failing—to eat a bird too large for its gullet. Pike are reliably stubborn and actually have tiny teeth in their tongues to help them retain prey better. This sometimes will lead to a scenario where the fish are unwilling to let go of a meal, even if it ends in their demise.

In this case, the angler interrupted the exchange by throwing a log into the pond. Both animals go under, but the grebe eventually resurfaces later at the far side of the pond.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Image screenshot of video by Chris Verheul on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Massive Pike Chokes on Bird too Large to Swallow

  1. Yes , in Pennsylvania , USA . A Mallard hen and a BIG Tiger Muskelunge . Result : one duck dinner , no indigestion .

  2. Yes. I have caught many large Pike as I reeled in a smaller Pike, that snatched the smaller fish on the end of my line and hooked themselves. Also often with Walleyes and fish on a stringer. Pike are great cannibals and this is quite common. Although I have never seen them take a bird, it is not in the least surprising.

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