White moose, whether they be albino or leucistic, are incredibly rare in North America. Therefore it stands to reason that they are just as rare in Sweden, where this photographer tracked down an adult bull moose in the wild. According to rumor, there are only about 100 of these animals scattered across Northern Europe, with most of them living in the dense forests of Värmland along the border of Sweden and Norway. Several are quite famous and well known, even becoming a tourist destination of sorts. You can even apparently hired guides to help you track down one of these magnificent animals.

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Image screenshot of video by Lasse Dybdahl on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Super Rare White Moose Spotted in the Wild

  1. In the land of peace, fairies , lush forest floors, dreams, and eden. Called Norway and Sweden. God bless you. Protect this beautiful existence .

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