Superstar Miley Cyrus angered a large portion of her fan base after attacking hunters and Donald Trump on social media. In a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter, Cyrus harshly criticized images of sportsmen and women, notably singling out hunters Rebecca Francis and Kendall Jones, who have been popular targets for social media “shaming” by animal rights activists before. Cyrus also apparently seemed to link presidential candidate Donald Trump to hunting, despite the fact that it is the business mogul’s sons who go hunting.

Yes . That is a tear rolling down my cheek dripping off the end of my nose….. This makes me so unbelievable scared and sad…. Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world…. My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces ….. I think I may vomit …. That picture on the right is so disturbing…. YOU are not destiny! It is not your job to decide when a living things life is over …. & YOU DT ARE NOT GOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! (& if he doesn’t think he is “God” he thinks he is the fucking chosen one or some shit! We’re all just fucking jam between his rich ass toes! Honestly fuck this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean! )

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I’m gonna puke ….. This what our future looks like with DT

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“Are you f**king kidding me?!?!?!” Cyrus wrote under a picture of Jones petting a service dog. “You ask to pet the f**king puppy (while wearing his cousins) but you’ll go take that Angels life without permission (or did you ask before blowing his beautiful brains out) and call it a f**king birthday present! You know who’s NOT a sweet girl? YOU! You are evil!”

The online rant by Cyrus was unexpected, even though the pop star did recently oppose British Columbia’s wolf cull. Cyrus visited British Columbia last year to meet with a local animal rights group in a bid to promote support for ending the controversial wolf cull, which was in its second year. In response, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark retorted that Cyrus did not know enough about the issue to make any kind of statement.

“If we need help on our twerking policy in the future, perhaps we can go and seek her advice,” Clark was reported having said at the time.

Perhaps ironically, the wolf cull was proposed by biologists to help the flagging caribou population, which was vulnerable to depredation from wolves.

Some hunters criticized Cyrus’s recent social media posts, pointing out the lack of a factual argument and what appeared to be little knowledge of hunting. It is a move that many say will alienate some of her former fans, much like the transition of her music from country-themed pop to what she called “dirty south hip-hop.”


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145 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Has Meltdown Against Hunters, Donald Trump

  1. Will someone please get an attorney to write up binding contracts for all these people who claim they will leave the US if trump is elected. Heard them say the same thing about Bush but none of them left.

      1. Not really, people just take him for what he is.. he’s just another teabagger shitass lier

      2. Liar? You really went there? There are no bigger liars in the world than democrats! Obama has told more lies than money he’s spent! Hillary also! They all committed treason by allowing Obama to be inaugurated! You know, when he swore an oath on his Quran, to uphold, and defend, the Constitution? You do realize that as a young hs graduate, Obama applied for and was awarded foreign student financial aid! Do you realize how strictly scrutinized those applications are? He had to prove the fact that he wasn’t born in America! So let me ask you, was he a fraud then, or when he was inaugurated?

      3. Nugent? Oh, you mean that convicted poacher that keeps getting caught doing it again!

      4. It has been a well publicized matter of public record & he has been convicted in several states, so Waddell on over to google & look it up yourself.

      5. Lawrence, what kind of name is that? Your parents must have hated you! You just run your mouth without being able to back it up! It doesn’t surprise me though, all you left wing radicals are liars!

    1. Dear Americans threatening to leave. Don’t come north we don’t want you either….

      P.S. Sorry

  2. Poor little rich, coddled, HO. She should have to pay reparations for all the ignorant girls she MISled into screwed up lives.

  3. Why would Trump pose for a picture with a known trophy hunter? That is a really bad PR move. 2nd amendment rights (which I support) and trophy hunter rights (which I don’t support) are not mutually exclusive.

    1. First off I think you misunderstand what a “trophy hunter” is. Second I’m sure Hillary has a few photos with folks that some think she shouldn’t have. Probably true with every politician. Trophy hunters are just hunters that restrict there choice of kill to (what is widely known by everyone) to a top example of that animal. So chances are that they don’t kill as many as others who strictly hunt for food, like me. However if I was ever fortunate enough to take a “trophy”, I certainly would. It’s extremely difficult to do, and huge accomplishment. Which is why the animal and the accomplishment are memorialized by creating a mount for the wall and enjoyed by many. Trophy hunters still harvest the meat and utilize as much of that life as possible, including mountain lions. Yes some folks eat everything they kill. I’ve heard that mountain lion is very tasty. If they don’t take the meat, it is donated to the hungry through a number of noble services, to the tune of millions of dollars worth of donation. Nothing wasted. To top it all off, it is a completely wholesome, legit, and legal pastime. It is in fact the recommended way of population control of the wildlife. If there was no hunting the animals would wind up going through various natural killings through disease, starvation, and a very long drawn out cruel process of animals dying, an overpopulation of preds, ending in a huge drop in the standing numbers. Millions of animals dead by very controllable means, like trophy hunting.

      1. “It’s extremely difficult to do, and huge accomplishment…”

        I don’t doubt that you will defend your chosen hobby, however from an objective perspective, a huge accomplishment would be using only a dagger to try and take one down.

      2. so what is your idea of a huge accomplishment getting off your ass and going to the store and buying your calorie and cholesterol loaded red dyed meat that was most likely abused before being tortured prior to it’s death, where do you think your food comes from? a meat tree or egg tree or do you just snap your fingers and it appears! you people really don’t have a clue where and the meats you buy comes from or how it is processed if you did you probably would not eat it anymore. why do you think the meat in the stores looks so red? (especially hamburger)most hunters i know including myself consider every animal they harvest a trophy that does not make them trophy hunters but with your lack of intelligence you probably can’t comprehend that

      3. “so what is your idea of a huge accomplishment getting off your ass and going to the store and buying your calorie and cholesterol loaded red dyed meat…”

        I’m personally a vegetarian. My issue is mainly with trophy hunting, not hunting for sustenance.

      4. Opinions are just like buttholes. Everybody has one and most of them are shitty. You have the right to NOT hunt just as hunters have the right to pursue their LEGAL, LICENSED sporting activity. Wise up! In a democracy the lunatic fringe is allowed to try to change any laws they wish. Go for it and good luck. When game populatio s are lagging I see a lot of hunters volunteering for feeding programs, donations of habitat lands, etc. I have NEVER seen a single whining anti- hunting activist out in the bush helping the wildlife they say they want to protect so badly. I strongly doubt that any activists could tell an elk from a burro. Educate yourself. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Good example is Miley Cyrus. She wants to leave the US? 3 million AMERICANS will gladly pay her ONE WAY air fare.

      5. “You have the right to NOT hunt just as hunters have the right to pursue their LEGAL, LICENSED sporting activity…”

        Your rights end when you take the life of a beautiful animal for nothing more than sport. Yes, it may technically be legal in places for now, but rest assured that laws are changing rapidly to favor the rights to life for these creatures.

        Go take up skydiving if you want an adrenaline rush. Go lift weights and build your body through hard work and pain if you have any real guts.

      6. That would require actually doing something other than sitting in the woods waiting for something to cross their paths or hiring someone to find them the animals they are killing.

      7. Con Pat, I sincerely hope that you meet & greet one of those beautiful horned animals late at night on a dark road. Hopefully the animak will enter your vehicle through the windshield.

      8. Ok Sparky, tell me what you think is fair. Because a rifle vs claws sure as hell isn’t.

      9. Fair? Seriously? WTF does fairness have to do with anything? Is it “fair” when a lion takes a gazelle? Does a mouse have a “fair” chance against a hawk?

        Life isn’t fair, and neither is nature. Maybe you need to get a helmet.

      10. “Is it “fair” when a lion takes a gazelle?”

        That’s called nature, and following natural instinct. That’s a very poor analogy.

      11. So humans are somehow unnatural because we have evolved with brains instead of claws or fangs? Your “logic” is becoming rather pained.

      12. If you don’t understand the difference between human and animals, I have neither the time nor patience to explain it to you.

      13. We ARE animals. We are relatively carnivorous. And we just happen to have a well developed brain. Well… some of us do.

        Your brain may in fact be faulty, as you are making silly assertions of “fairness”, even though they do not apply anywhere else in the natural world. It is also likely that you’re experiencing unsustainable levels of anthropomorphism in a sad attempt to justify your issues with hunting.

      14. “We ARE animals…”

        The difference is that we have a mind, and knowledge of good and evil – something animals do not possess. We also don’t need to hunt to survive, like that lion taking a gazelle. If the lion does not kill the gazelle, it will die from starvation. Not so with humans. We do not operate on instinct alone.

        We have also strayed from my original point about trophy hunting, and are now talking about hunting for food. Two different strains of thought. Trophy hunting by far being the greater evil.

      15. So all of the posts you’ve made here are based on the faulty assumption that “trophy” hunters don’t eat what they kill? Wow, sounds like you’ve wasted a lot of time in order to make no point whatsoever. Well, you know what they say about “assumptions”… guess you’ve made an ass out of you, and someone named “umption”.

      16. Oh, I see, they could “survive” by going to the supermarket for their meat? And what would the difference be if they bought cow meat at the supermarket, or hunted and came home with deer meat? Is one cuter than the other in your mind? Did you see Bambi too many times?

      17. There are many different things they could eat to “survive”, that doesn’t include killing exotic beasts. Use your imagination.

      18. Ahh… I see. So, creatures that you consider “exotic” have more intrinsic worth than other (average) animals. How about the cuteness factor? Do cute animals get a pass, while ugly animals are okay? I’m just trying to get a grasp of your “logic”.

      19. All animals are “sentient” to various degrees. I myself am a vegetarian. Why I wouldn’t eat a cow for example, I would see it as preferable for meat eaters to eat cattle as opposed to lions, elephants, or other exotic species that are intelligent and whose numbers are threatened.

        Your attempts at painting me into a corner with the intent of categorizing me into some particular group will not work.

      20. You painted your own corner there pal. You’re a vegetarian… a “conscientious objector” to your own nature. You’ve created an artificial scale based on how sentient a given species is. In this way, you don’t have to feel guilty about killing millions of plants.

      21. Sorry buddy, plants don’t scream when you pull them out of the ground.

        Nice try though.

      22. Your mind is very reactionary and thinking limited. However I rest easy knowing that you are in the minority when it comes to your views. The vast majority of people find trophy hunting repulsive.

        I’ll give you the last word.

      23. You don’t even know what trophy hunting is, yet you disparage it. You run out of ways to justify your unsupportable value scale, and then switch to insults and sign off. Typical liberal tactic.
        PS – Your name is funny. You hold no conservative views. Should’ve gone with “LibTroll”.

      24. “Sorry buddy, plants don’t scream when you pull them out of the ground.”

        Um, you don’t know that. If you follow some of the logic you have posted, then you cannot claim that just because your senses cannot detect the plant’s screams, pain, anguish, death calls, etc. The plant certainly bleeds when ripped from its roots. Your logic does not allow for the circle of life. Nature is not fair and nice. Nature is cruel and brutal.

      25. You are funny. Nature is beautiful in all of its splendor and brutality, because it is natural. The taking of life for sport however, is not natural or beautiful. You and others can talk in circles about it as much as you like, but it does not change that simple fact.

      26. I see you avoided my main point that you cannot claim that plants don’t scream or feel pain.
        And your view of nature being beautiful is superficial to say the least. Give me an example of nature being beautiful. Not in an abstract way such as the circle of life is great, but in an objective way.

      27. You are ridiculous. That’s like saying I should address a point about human’s flying. Go back to reading about UFO’s kid. I don’t have time to debate nonsense with you.

      28. That’s your best rebuttal? To try to take an unearned moral and intellectual high ground for you simply being you? Pathetic.

      29. Never argue with stupid people, they will always drag you down to their level and use their experience to beat you.

      30. Con pat, I’m curious, did you have your canine teeth removed too? You apparently don’t have any use for those teeth, that’s OK, more delicious meat for me.

      31. By the way, many animals kill other animals for sport … wolves and cats (not just domestic), for example.

      32. It is instinctual for animals like wolves and cats. While many do eat their prey, some (mostly domesticated cats who have a consistent food source from humans) do not. These animals act on instinct and do not know good and evil – they do not have a conscious mind like humans.

      33. If you want some simple truth all hunters trophy hunters included are the only reason any hunted animal is left in this country. So judge all you want, huff and puff and point fingers. But in the end just shut up we pay for the conservation, we do the work, aND yes we manage the herds. So write another chain letter from your arm chair about how offended you are real sportsmen couldn’t give a shit.

      34. “all hunters trophy hunters included are the only reason any hunted animal is left in this country…”

        Bullshit. When you make such ridiculous, all encompassing statements like this – you sound like an idiot. Are you upset that people judge you? Does your conscious nag at you?

        As I’ve mentioned at least a dozen times throughout this thread, YOU want comfortable excuses which allow you to do what YOU want to do so you can sleep better at night. And who is this Conservative Patriot to come along and intrude upon your safe space like this? The nerve of him!

      35. How about you go learn something about the world then come back and make your statements there junior. The internet is full of armchair asshats who dont know shit, but talk all day about subjects which they are just plain uneducated on. In this instance you would be the asshat and conservation and hunting would be the sublect you know knothing about.

      36. I feel like I should feel sorry for you, as you were likely raised in a family that hunted and as such never learned to respect the sanctity of life – so you truly know no better.

      37. I respect the sanctity of life more than you ever could, you sit there and act all high and mighty as wildlife starves to death, gets hit by cars, or any of the other negative effects of overpopulation. you think because your a whiny keyboard warrior you are helping anything? you are not. conservation involves money, participation, and time. that means hunting, trapping, predator and population control. I’m sure in your imaginary Utopian world all the animals can coexist and eat lettuce sandwiches together. But in the real world we have destroyed the natural apex predators that control game populations, we have shrunk habitats and cut off natural migration routes. Before the conservation efforts of the last half century white tail deer were almost gone, eastern elk were gone, mountain lions in the Appalachian mountains extinct, and many many more. I could go on an on with examples, none of which you will listen too. but know this, when hunters and fisherman spend thousands of dollars a year to help manage our forests, we will not be swayed to give a shit by someone who pays nothing, offers no solutions to help and only whines about what we do. You would be far better served to go back to your urban existence and just admit that you do not have a damn clue about conservation, animals, hunting, wildlife management etc. its perfectly fine that you don’t like hunting, I don’t like ignorance so stay out of my business and i’ll leave you to your ignorance.

      38. Ahh, the ultimate in insanity. I need to kill life in order to save it. As a plus you get to be the one to do the killing! You’ve just devised the perfect excuse to do what you were going to do anyway.

        Keep trying to rationalize your insanity. It may take a few more generations, but people who feel it is necessary to kill in order to save will get a one way ticket to the funny house where they belong. Innocent life needs to be protected from insanity.

      39. in a few more generations you and the rest of the idiots will be watering your crops with Brondo and wondering where all the animals went.

      40. Con Pat, you truly know nothing about hunting, sport or otherwise. Legal, regulated hunting has not resulted in the endangerment or loss of a species in this country ever. It has, in fact, brought about amazing comebacks for several species including wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. Furthermore, hunters’ dollars pay for virtually ALL wildlife management in the United States. The wildlife agencies use our license dollars to manage and preserve all species, both game and non-game. A majority of state wildlife agencies (DNRs in many states) receive no taxpayer dollars; 100 percent of their budgets are derived from hunters’ license fees.

        If you choose not to eat meat, more power to you. I’m sincerely glad we live in a country with so much abundance that we have the luxury of choosing what to eat and not eat. Don’t think for one second, however, that you exist on this planet without taking the lives of what you call intelligent/sentient animals. Just because you don’t go out yourself and kill these animals doesn’t absolve you of the cost you, as a human being, exact upon mother nature. Many animal lives are given up during farming, not to mention the habitat and animal homes that are destroyed to create, maintain, fertilize/pesticize (sic) and then harvest crop fields. And that’s just the food aspect. How about your clothes, your home, your car and all the things associated with the accumulation and use of those items?

        As a hunter, I can’t help but be reminded that my existence has a cost. When you come face to face with a deer that you have killed, and then you have to remove the entrails, take the animal home and participate in every phase of its transformation from woods to table, you have far more respect for animals than any so-called animal lover can ever have. Come to think of it, the harvest of my deer running wild in the woods has far less impact on other animals than your farmed vegetables.

        And if you want to restrict this discussion strictly to sport hunting (which you didn’t in many of your comments), even sport hunting requires that animals not be shot and left to waste. Did you see recently where Zimbabwe is about to euthanize more than 200 lions because hunters have quit going to Africa because of the Cecil fiasco? There are more lions than the habitat (meaning prey animals) can sustain, so they’re going to shoot more than 200 of them and leave them to rot. If not for ill-informed folks like you, hunters would have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to go there and take each one of those. While some of that money goes to the professional guides, quite a bit also goes toward the preservation and management of all the other prey species in Africa. Also, the local tribes benefit from the meat and the economic benefit of hosting the hunters. Personally, it’s not something I would care to do (nor could I afford it because it’s so expensive), but I can still see the benefits it has for both animals and humans in the region.

        Again, I support your right to be a vegetarian, but you’re just plain wrong to judge hunters, whether the sustenance or sport variety. First, you kill animals every day of your existence whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Second, hunters do FAR more for all animals than vegetarians and animal rightists ever will.

      41. It is within my right to judge those who take the life of a sentient being for sport. Life has value, and the taking of innocent sentient life, whether that of a beautiful animal or of 3 month old fetus, is evil.

        Your supporting points for trophy hunting is tired old propaganda that has been long debunked. But I understand that it gives you an excuse to do what you want to do anyway, so I’m sure it helps you sleep better at night.

      42. What are you talking about? Debunked by whom, where and when? I’ve presented nothing but facts. But I guess if you had to face facts you’d realize your belief system is completely false as well.

      43. My belief that innocent, sentient life is precious? I’m a Christian, so I’m used to people demeaning my belief system. To each his own.

        In regards to your “facts”, try researching outside this community if you want the truth. But I warn you, if you have a closed mind to it – you will only see what you want to see.

      44. M40, You are most likely chatting with a liberal progressive democrat (con pat) which is basically a waste of your valuable time.

      45. Chiefbuck, you are most likely a RINO faux conservative redneck with small man’s syndrome that you overcompensate for by being really into hunting and driving some sort of suped-up vehicle with a custom exhaust so it sounds really loud so other dudes think you are a super tough guy badass. All the time you hope they never know underneath it all what a coward you truly are.

        See what I did there?

      46. Con Pattie, Wrong on all counts! 28 year retired, disabled vet of both the Army and Navy. Long time GOP conservative, two degrees with a 3.75 GPA. Vehicles include two backhoes, one 2004 Mazda tribute, one 1999 Toyota 4 cly pickup and my wife of 52 years has a 2009 Ford Fusion 4 cylinder engine. Not really combat ready anymore but can still provide 1″ groups at 100 yards w/rifle and the same at 25 yards with my 1911 .45, 4 rows of ribbons indicate that I wasn’t much of a coward. Just an old Navy Seabee Chief Builder who has no time for liberals, progressives or other socialist pukes.

      47. Nice to meet you Chiefbuck.

        Likewise, I have no time for those who engage in, support or defend trophy hunting.

      48. CP, How did you determine that I oppose the legal activity of trophy hunting? As long as the animal is used to feed someone I have no objection. There is much more involved in hunting than just killing an animal. It’s an outdoor sport and many of us enjoy just being out in the field or the woods. We own 35 acres of woods, our two sons helped me build a basic cabin there and we always invited Marines & Sailors that I served with for the annual deer season in Pa. Since I retired on Aug 31, 2001 at age 59 the number of hunters has been reduced primarily due of the constant relocation of the military members. Several have made their final move. I now use a ski pole to help navigate the land. We still do a lot of target shooting and just plain old enjoying the outdoors. We also heat the cabin there with firewood. I do not allow any safety violations, illegal hunting or failing to pick up trash etc.

      49. “As long as the animal is used to feed someone I have no objection.”

        That argument can be made about anything. If a trophy hunter kills a Lion and donates that meat to villagers, they will simply refrain from eating whatever they would have eaten instead so they can feast on Lion meat. You could make the argument that it is okay to kill homeless people, provided that their meat is eaten by someone. However that is a poor, poor argument to make.

        Hunters eat to survive. Trophy hunters do not. It matters not if they donate the meat of their trophies for people to consume. The animal’s life was taken needlessly.

      50. So in other words you think that anything that YOU don’t see as normal fare or domestically raised is exotic. Yet many of your so called “exotics” are raised on farms and served at high end restaurants and even some grocery stores. I can buy ostrich, bison, shark, pheasant, even antelope, bear, and others, but because I kill, butcher, cook, and eat it myself, YOU think it is wrong. What a f-king hypocrite!!!!

      51. Are you mad bro? I’m a vegetarian so how does that make me a hypocrite?

        What YOU want is excuses that in your mind, make it ok to end a sentient being’s life. It’s a way of dealing with your nagging conscious that what you do and support is evil.

      52. What idiots like you, that insist that there is something wrong with “trophy hunting”, don’t understand is that “trophy” hunters accomplish several things: 1) They cull the older/mature animals which are or will soon be past their prime and would other wise have a slow agonizing death through starvation or being ripped apart by predatory animals that find older less healthy animals easy prey, and which in turn allows for the younger “future trophy” to compete for breeding. 2) They support wildlife management through the high cost of hunting those “trophies”, and money that goes into the local economy. 3) Nothing is wasted – Maybe the “trophy hunter” only wants the head/cape/horns for a wall mount, but the meat, rest of the skin, and bones are provided to the locals for consumption. 4) “Trophy hunting” puts a value on the wildlife which causes the locals to PROTECT them rather then just slaughtering them, and will help to protect them from poaching, as well as justifying protection of the environment crucial to the wildlife’s existence.

        Activists that complain about “trophy hunting” don’t have enough intelligence to understand that it benefits not only wildlife but also ALL of the other animals and plants that share their habitat, as well as the humans too.

        And actually most “trophy hunters” DO HUNT TO SURVIVE”. While you are sitting at KFC or McDonald’s chowing down on that bird or burger (that someone else had to kill for you), just think of the antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals you are ingesting which will lead to a higher chance of you developing cancer or some other disease, while that “trophy hunter” is eating unadulterated organic meat!

      53. While I could address each and every unsupported point you’ve made, it is simply an exercise in futility. What you list is nothing more than trophy hunter propaganda that has been debunked numerous times – none of what you say is even remotely true. Want you want is an excuse to do what YOU want to do. But hey, if your little pieces of fiction help you sleep better at night, who am I to intrude upon your safe space?

      54. Would you eat a zebra? How about a giraffe? It gets ridiculous after a while, and some animals are better left alone!

      55. Yes, I might eat a giraffe. Probably a zebra, they aren’t as horsey as everyone thinks, I hear. The “folks” over there do it all the time. I don’t know anyone that kills just for the pelt or head or whatever. If the meat is not consumed by the hunter the meat is donated. There, they love you for doing that for them. It’s very difficult for them. They can’t afford or get ammunition which requires them to resort to more primitive methods. Far more difficult. For them not a sport, a way of life. A giraffe is exotic to you, but not if you are from there. There, a whitetail is exotic to them. A giraffe is just an ungulate, much like an elk or whitetail. Here in North America there are folks that do eat the meat from Cougars, coyotes, wolves, etc. It’s only weird to you. Understandably, since it isn’t your norm. But to say someone else can’t or shouldn’t would be fascist in a way. As far as being a sport, nah, for me and my people it is a way of life. It’s not something to do, it’s something that needs to be done.

      56. ‘Would you eat a zebra? How about a giraffe? It gets ridiculous after a while, and some animals are better left alone!”

        I bet if you were starving and that was the only food available, you wouldn’t leave a zebra or giraffe alone.

      57. Bullshit and you know it. Trophy hunters like these two girls hire huge crews to take them around and stalk an animal. There is no hunt here. Once the animal is cornered the useless POS’s come and shot the animals. No hunting, not doing it for food, not doing it for conservation. Doing it solely to hang on the wall to point out what a useless douche they actually are. Why didn’t she shoot the dog she was taking a picture with, why not hunt dogs and cats. Are they truly any different from the ones she hunts now? She and all other hunters that hunt for sport should be hunted once a year as turn about for fair play

    2. I agree! Trophy hunting is an ugly, thing of the past! I was taught to eat what you kill. There is nothing wrong with taking your kill to a taxidermist, but to travel around the world, just to kill an animal that you can’t even eat, I’d rather leave it alone! That’s just my opinion!

      1. That just shows how IGNORANT you are! Many of the animals that are taken by “trophy hunters” are animals that wildlife managers would need to cull anyways. Lions that prey on locals or their livestock, elephants that trample through villages and destroy the livelihoods of the locals, zebra, wildebeast, etc. who’s numbers need to be kept in check to prevent starvation and disease, etc. Wildlife managers and governments make note of these animals and allow hunters to PAY to do the culling. You’re typical of those who open their mouths without knowing anything about the subject!

  4. SMH. Clueless, ignorant and skanky. Fake tear drop to boot. Somebody’s career must be sinking fast. Next will be the clothing ‘scandal’ followed by the ‘I was abused as a kid’ routine.

  5. Let’s see; she acts like a slut, has no talent, looks skanky and has teeth like a horse. But she thinks anyone with half a brain is going to take her seriously?? Good riddance! she needs to leave the country!

  6. Oh gee, since such an authority on life, such a noted brainiac, such a compassionate, moral, little angel like Miley (what kind of name is Miley?) is anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-Trump, I guess I will have to donate all my firearms to PETA and sign up for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Her parents should be arrested and locked up for raising such a degenerate. God help America. Let’s all hope she does leave the US and never is heard from again.

    1. She just wants attention! She has been screaming her entire life for attention. No one with any intelligence will give this poor child the time of day. She is morally bankrupt; and her career is apparently near an end. This pathetic creature should be placed on suicide watch; because her priorities in life are twisted up; like her little brain!

  7. I am amazed at the illusion of self-importance displayed by this disgraceful, disrespectful, horrible excuse for a role model. I am ashamed that I used to let my daughter watch her shows and listen to her music even before she “re-invented herself”. I was not a big Trump supporter, but if it will purge our country of some of the ignorant, trashy filth like her, I may just cast my vote in his corner. Pathetic.

    1. Illusion of self-importance you say? She has close to 50 millions Facebook followers. I’d wager to say that many people consider her important. What have YOU accomplished in your life?

      1. Well, since you asked, I have paid my own way through school while raising a family and earning three college degrees. I have also been a school administrator for 14 years of the 20 that I have worked in the school system. I saved an employees life by utilizing my CPR training and was asked to speak at my best friend’s funeral. I have known the grace of God and the love of a wonderful woman as well as my faithful dog. I could go on, but a person of your moral standing would merely belittle the importance of my accomplishments, with typos like your other post of course. I know you will rant and spew your nonsense after you read this, but you will get no more communication from me.

      2. None of that counts. What matters is how many impressionable young people choose to live their lives vicariously through you. It is, after all, all about “you.”

        Actually, it is not. It is about living up to one’s responsibilities, and there is no greater measure of success than those attributes which you have described. Perfect response.

      3. right on; but you don’t have 50 (millions) Facebook followers ha! ha! Facebook is everything man!

  8. The little bleeding heart liberal hypocritical skank! Someone needs to remind her she is not a queen, and her opinion actually counts less than other peoples with the foul mouth this little rich entitled libtard has developed. She went from respected young vocalist to little skank celeb quickly. I wouldn’t give her the time to listen to her confused and foul-mouth ramblings. I wonder how proud her father is now?

  9. Awww. Go to you safe place Miley. I know the sycophants around you lick your ass all day, but the real world is much different. Get used to it.

  10. Cyrus is a spoiled, dingbat, twit, that is totally out of touch with reality! Maybe we could get all of the leaver/losers, on the same train out so we could take a head count and make sure we don’t miss one!.

  11. That harvest of a legal game animal makes you scared and sad, puncuated by a fakey tear? What makes me “scared and sad” is how little clueless spoiled little rich girly-girls who have everything throw it all away for drugs, flashing their immature bodies and ranting about an activity they know nothing about. Stay with twerking, whatever that is! Have you ever ate cougar meat? It’s delicious, and contrary to what PETA rants, is not toxic. Maybe your daddy shouldn’t have spared the rod, and used alot more lifebuoy on you dirty mouth!! Missy have a very nice day.

      1. Getting on a plane, or walking, or even dogsled is up to the very spoiled rich girl. If she needs help packing then I’m here to help her and the others who have threatened to leave. She craves attention so I seriously doubt she’ll go ANYwhere!

  12. She lost my respect a few years ago when she chopped off all of that gorgeous long brown hair. I don’t really care what she has to say now.

  13. She’s using her platform to promote awareness of something positive, which is the desire to save the beautiful animals that we share this planet with. ❤️ She’s promoting love, which is what we all should be doing. Do you feel that sensation in your chest? That is your heart.

    1. I agree 100% with her in regards to this. I just wish there was a better messenger than Miley Cyrus to do this. She is widely regarded pretty negatively.

    2. Something positive? Love? Tolerance? Tell that to Rebecca Francis, Kendall Jones, and Donald Trump. I’m sure they feel the love. See Miley has no love for the law. She prioritizes “feelings” and all who share her feelings. Her love and tolerance stops there. She’s caught in the “why isn’t everyone else like me” trap. She actually follows the agenda of demonizing, intolerance, hate, and attack. She doesn’t want everyone to get along with tolerance, respect, and decency UNLESS they agree with her particular views on life. The rest can be sent to concentration camps as far as she is concerned.

      Since this is a nation governed by laws and not feelings (for now), she might as well leave the country to search for someplace she can call home. I can’t really think of a place like that. Maybe somewhere in Europe before the Muslims take over? Any suggestions?

  14. As a proud representative of the homosexual community, I support Ms. Cyrus against that lowlife Donald Trump! You huntards with your little guns are overcompensating for lacking a large tool down below. That, and the closet homosexual tenancies you try so hard to deny. Don’t fight it, come out of the closet and express your feminine sides!

    1. If you would like I can introduce you to my neighbor and his husband that are both avid waterfowl hunters. But then again I suspect you are just a low-life troll that escaped from under your bridge….

      1. My onesie has a rear zipper for easy access….would you like to come over to my place for tea and crumpets?

  15. An animal taken by a hunter is immediately replaced by another that would otherwise perish for lack of resources. Nature always breeds more animals than habitat can support and the excess die of starvation or disease. To consume these excess has no impact on animal populations and leaves the land intact to support future generations of wildlife.

    Agriculture of any sort, on the other hand, destroys every single individual, of every major species, on the landscape by eliminating the very habitat upon which wildlife depends. To the extent that we can sustainably take some part of our diet from undamaged lands, we should, in order to conserve these lands and reduce the need to convert them over to agricultural purpose.

    It appears that Ms. Cyrus should have paid better attention in Biology class. I suppose it is hard to do that when you are busy trying to make the world all about you.

  16. Can someone please boot this skank out of the Country. Hurry up please and take the other celebs with her! So tired of their threats of leaving the U-S-A if TRUMP is President. “WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!” IT will not sway our votes!

  17. I thank God I didn’t have a daughter! In today’s world they would be influenced by trashy celebs Like Cyrus! She is a Bad roll Model, for any girl! Nasty person in general! please leave! Your not Respected!

  18. Miley Cyrus is a joke! She is about as educated as a tic-tac! Everything she does is humiliating, she’s just too stupid to realize it!

  19. Interesting…doesn’t she eat meat on occasion? What about eggs and fish? How about cheese? Hypocritical much?

    1. Miley is on full plant based food and lives as any normal human being, someone who doesn’t eat meat or let alone milk products are called vegan and she has been for more than a year as i recall. Get your facts right before commenting, she wouldn’t call out if she would support those killings by eating meat or any animal product.


  21. Kendall Jones and Rebecca Francis are serial killers of wildlife who do it for the pure enjoyment of it as do all hunters whether they want to admit it or not, and most proudly and boastfully do. That’s the disgusting part of it, and the continual justifications – conservation, population control, etc., etc. – make what they do even more reprehensible because they deep down know that what they’re doing is wrong and have a need to justify it so they can sleep at night. I’m making my comment just to express my opinion, not to engage in a discussion so I won’t respond; but you can have a bashing party on me all you wish! Enjoy!

  22. We live in a sick culture where murder and violence are glorified. Good on her for shining a light on some of our worst darkness, our treatment of animals. There’s nothing “fun” about taking a life, and those who find it thrilling are sick in the head. America needs to get over our murder fascination.

  23. Hunters are sociopathic killers! Presently, Fish & Wildlife are agencies corrupted with NRA and Safari Club lobbyist. Science has proven the killing methods are wrong on so many levels. Hunters are only 2-5% of the population, the other 85-90% of the public want science and compassion methods to manage their wildlife, it will happen, soon, you hunters will have to seek to satisfy your apathetic bloodlusts on each other, please!

    1. Human population keeps growing and multiple times more animals are killed for it, it is a fact that soon we will run out of food with the way were doing now. By eating plant based food we waste much less water and the fact that plants grow faster but if we destroy nature then humanity is doomed by selfish humans like you. She’s atleast trying to make a change in whole environment.

  24. I never liked Miley but I have to agree with her now.

    A trophy hunter is a psychopath who delights in the pain and death of others. The others just happen to be animals.

    What a trophy hunter feels in the hunt is the same thing a serial killer feels when “hunting” a victim.

    Anyone who kills for fun, be it people or animals, loses its human being status and becomes nothing but a monster who does not deserve to be part of this world.

  25. Anyone who takes pride in killing an animal for “sport” is by definition a psychopath. I don’t hunt or even like meat but I can respect and even approve of people of modest or low financial means that hunt to feed the family. Many people either hunt or go without enough food. This is a million miles different than killing a living sentient being for amusement. And yes, ALL living animals are sentient. Some people need to learn what the word means. It is NOT exclusive to humans, but many claim it is. Perhaps out of a guilt based need for feeling superior. As for the Trump kids, how sick and disgusting that they could be using thier celebrity free time to promote great causes like child hunger, suicide prevention, aids prevention and so on. Instead they spend countless hours doing vile crap like killing leopards and lions. Yet we are supposed to think or believe they are suddenly compassionate caring types who deserve a bed in the white house???? Nope. I dont care for Hillary Clinton either but at least she won’t burn all our bridges and leave the country a smoldering corpse like “The Donald” surely will.

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