Is it time to ban assault heels?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stopped a woman at the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport this weekend after she was found with these revolver-shaped shoes. According to NBC Washington, she was not even wearing them—they were in her carry-on luggage. TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says that the agency would rather be safe than sorry.

“Items such as this look like real, actual firearms to the TSA officers who are staffing the X-ray monitors,” Farbstein told CNN. “It will definitely slow them down, slow down their traveling companions who are waiting for them, and it will slow down the checkpoint lines for other travelers.”

The pair of stilettos featured revolver-shaped heels and a line of fake imprinted cartridges around the sole. TSA agents also found a matching pair of bracelets along with the shoes. Both were made by California footwear company Pleaser USA, which touts celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen among its customers.


“You would never assume that a heel with a gun shape on it would have this kind of feedback from the TSA,” said company spokesperson Elody Romero.

He added that Pleaser is now considering putting a warning label on some of its products to prevent future misunderstanding.

In this case, the TSA said the woman was taken out of line and told that she had to check those items into a separate bag before getting on her flight. However, she declined and instead left the shoes with security to avoid missing her plane.

“Friendly reminder from @TSA: Realistic replica firearms and ammunition are not permitted past TSA checkpoints,” Farbstein wrote on Twitter.


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