Tired of your AR-15 barrel getting into something dirty without adequate protection? What about contracting STDs (stuff, trash, and debris)? Innuendos aside, one vendor on Amazon has drawn some attention by offering tactical “condoms” for AR-15s operating in dirty conditions. While some waived off the new product as a gimmick, AR-15 owners looking for a way to keep their muzzles clean say it is the durable, convenient product they had been looking for—if it performs as intended, that is.

“Ar-15 Condoms are extremely strong and made from a Nitrile Rubber formula that is a whopping 13 mill thick. So whether you’re trudging through the swamps, in a sand storm in Iraq, or storing your rifle, Ar-15 Condoms have your rifle Covered… Pun intended,” stated the product’s description on Amazon.com.

The AR-15 Condom in action.
The AR-15 Condom in action.

The vendor also added that the muzzle covers are water proof and UV resistant, designed to work with an A2 Flash Hider, and could be left on while shooting. For the price of $7.99 for a pack of 20, it is also relatively affordable. Finger cots, which are a popular substitute for muzzle covers, cost less but are also much less durable as well. They are also considerably more embarrassing to show up with at the range.

The AR-15 Condoms are also touted as being reusable, whether you go to the range, the field, or just operating operationally. Simply slip it off and slip it back on when you’ve expended all your rounds.

What do you think of this product? Do you think it’s worth a try?





Images screenshot of Amazon.com

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3 thoughts on “Amazon’s AR-15 “Condoms” Raises Some Eyebrows

  1. What this article doesn’t state is that the idea of using condoms to protect rifle bores from debris or rain was popularizd by US troops in Vietnam. I have often used saran wrap and a rubber band to protect the bore of my hunting rifle when in snow or rain conditions Don’t know if I woud be willing to ‘shell’ out 8$/20 for willie wrappers though. Cue the liberal penis/gun conflation jokes.

      1. I had to look that up being unfamiliar with the term. Yes these might be even more apropos as they have the reinforced rim like condoms.
        From the little bit of informal pricing I did, they appear to be less costly than the AR15 Condoms but more expensive than the fingers-from-gloves However they also appear to be of somewhat thinner material than the gloves. Both are thinner than the AR-15 Condoms.

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