Austin Lee Russell, better known to the fans of History’s Pawn Stars, was arrested on Wednesday for 20 counts of drug possession and possession of a gun by a prohibited person. The arrest occurred after a raid on Russel’s residence when police were serving a search warrant in connection to a sexual assault investigation.

According to the Las Vegas Police Department, officers found the reality TV star in possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, and firearms. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that police have not specified why Russel is prohibited from owning a firearm, and a search of his public records only showed that Russel had minor traffic offenses in the past. Police say Russel has not been charged with any sex-crime allegation.

Russel plays the comic foil on the hit television show Pawn Stars, which revolves around the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Opened by Rick Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison in 1989, the pawn shop quickly grew in popularity after the release of the show’s first season in 2009, even prompting a wave of other programs focused on pawn shops and bartering. Russel, or Chumlee, as he is referred to in the show, became a breakout character for his approachable personality and down-to-earth attitude. Following the popularity of the show, Russel started his own merchandising brand. His areas of expertise are video games, sneakers, and pinball machines.

Understandably, Russel’s fans are alarmed by his recent arrest and the implications that came with it. According to Fox News, bail has been set at $62,000. Fellow Pawn Stars cast members, such as Rick Harrison, pledged their support.

“We don’t have details yet but we are here to help Chumlee any way we can,” Harrison told Fox News in an email.



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17 thoughts on “‘Pawn Stars’ Fan Favorite Chumlee Arrested on Gun Charges after Raid

  1. Hmmmm . . . methamphetamines are used to treat ADHD and obesity. Since the bust is already shady, maybe they busted him for prescribed drugs so that they could bust him on the firearms charges based on the drug charges. I have seen crazier and dumber things happen, with the “criminal” a.k.a. Citizen Victim getting as much as 50 years in the slammer.

    1. He seems to be very aware of things that happened in his world.He also had to grow up in his world. not ours.

  2. I dont understand the weapons charge. Other articles are saying “illegal firearm”. If he can legally own a firearm how can charged with possessing a firearm?

  3. Man, there’s so many reasons they can come up with for illegal possession of a firearm it’s not even worth thinking about almost. First one comes to mind is being on a controlled substance while in possession. Now, this alone may not be a charge but they have ways to make it a charge. I’m not saying they’re f’n him in the ass but they will put that charge on s person if they need too…

    1. Oh they are fing him in the *ss. Otherwise they would have just called him in to talk to him. Funny how they didn’t charge him with that sexual whatever charge. Gung ho and f them all I just gotta say there are good cops and bad cops and this thing reeks! Before anybody pulls out the flame throwers….. Innocent until proven guilty babeeeeeeee!

  4. As far as a weapon charge,how do you do anything illegal in Las Vegas? I did not know anything was illegal there.Funny how we pick our poison and crimes around the world. I figure if every person around the world had been armed we would not be in the Mid East now. Let them settle their differences.

  5. I hope when Hillary is elected CNN will let all of us back on the comment sections,.talk about censorship they are crawling with preserving it until the election is in the bag.

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