Merrick Garland is currently the Chief Judge of the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals. According to some organizations like the Judicial Crisis Network, Garland is considered “left-leaning on gun control.” This opinion comes from two cases which he presided over involving the Second Amendment.

One of these cases happened in 2007 when he voted to review a restrictive gun law in the District of Columbia that had previously been shot down. The law, which was eventually found unconstitutional by in the Supreme Court in the District of Columbia v. Heller decision, required guns to be kept unloaded and disassembled, unless they were being used for legal recreational activities. Previously a U.S. District Court ruled against the ban in favor of Heller and the D.C. Circuit upheld that ruling. Garland then voted on behalf of the court for the D.C. Circuit to reconsider their own previous ruling.  Ultimately Garland’s decision was not a ruling against gun rights, but it still raises some eyebrows.

One clear sign that Garland may be anti-gun came from his NRA v. Reno ruling. In the Reno case the NRA argued that since the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for gun purchases temporarily retained data of gun owners, it violated federal law prohibiting the creation of a of gun owner registry. Garland was one of the two judges (out of the panel of three) that ruled against the NRA. The majority opinion read:

“Finding nothing in the Brady Act that unambiguously prohibits temporary retention of information about lawful transactions, and finding that the Attorney General has reasonably interpreted the Act to permit retention of such information for audit purposes, we affirm the district court’s dismissal of the complaint.”

Ultimately this may matter very little as Republicans has vowed to block any nomination Obama attempts to make. Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican and a member of the Judiciary Committee, had this to say after the nomination announcement:

“In light of the contentious presidential election already well underway, my colleagues and I on the Judiciary Committee have already given our advice and consent on this issue: we will not have any hearings or votes on President Obama’s pick,” Mr. Lee said. “Any meeting with any nominee put forward by President Obama would only be a waste of the Senate’s time. The Court has very ably dealt with temporary absences in the past and will do so again now.”

Below you can click through a history of Merrick Garland’s judicial record and education.


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59 thoughts on “What Is Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland’s Record On Guns?

  1. Anyone the monkey nominates is a no. It is evident the monkey will choose an anti 2nd Amendment judge.
    Say NO to Odumbo he has had his way too many times.
    NO LIBERALS!!!!!!!!!

      1. I find such talk is offensive. The term porch monkey is more offensive than using the N word. What is wrong with you all. Whether you like him or not, he is our president and should be treated with respect. You can disagree without using vulgarities. If you can’t verbalize your position without using such terms don’t write anything.

      2. Them my choice of words were effective because it was meant to be offensive so thank you for reading my statement.

      1. You my fellow Patriot have a true understanding of the travesty this pm (porch monkey) has brought upon our fine nation. He should move to Liberia or Iran where he can be respected.
        And to all you morons who feel because of his unearned title that he should be respected, I say……PORCH MONKEY IN chief. Thats as far as my respect level can go for this Mans Country premier member.

  2. While it looks as though this candidate would not be good pick for us, the Republican refusal to consider ANYONE at all is disgusting and indefensible. They have simply failed to govern and I consider them criminals who should be jailed. Mork’s comment is just idiotic (and bigoted) and I am a conservative. But being a conservative does not give me license to be a jerk.

    1. Indefensible??? It has been the tradition for decades and decades and decades on both sides of the aisle. What did the news say today???… 139 years?

  3. You know it is racists and half wit haters that give decent
    intelligent gun owners a bad name and image. Disgusting post and there
    was NO evidence of anti gun Judge. Sad that our Congress and your type
    bay and shout about “Constitution” but refuse to ask Elected to honor it
    by doing their job. If these clowns in DC can put off their duty on
    this one, sets a rather sad precedence, but not unexpected by that
    racist from KY who,the day O was in office stated our job is now to make
    sure O does not get reelected and pass none of what he wants. Seems he
    and Cruz are channeling ole Sen Joe Mc. in hate and like your post,
    greatest danger to USA, more then ISIS. mort, you cheap shots sounds like some middle school kid cutting class or someone who might aspire to actually graduating from middle school, a disgrace to gun owners.

    1. You talk about not doing there jobs how about the president not doing his for instance not securing the border and not upholding the oath of office that he swore to uphold. As far as Congress they are not doing there job either by not stopping the president on abusing his power beyond what the Constitution limits. He is a dismal joke and a child with power.

      1. Does anybody realize that the open borders, one continent single trade nation was proposed by Reagan, furthered by Bush1, passed under and signed by Clinton, furthered by Bush2, and Obama. Open trade NAFTA requires open borders. NAFTA was suppose to,make Mexico richer so they would stay there, but look what we got. All north America is getting screwed on one level or another. Lets seal the borders., and renegotiate thpoor trade agreements the USA has with everyone.

    2. Hey stupid….are you happy with what the monkey has done? If you are happy you are as stupid as Nancy Peelousi. Moron.

      1. I cannot just sit here and not say something about you Mork calling Obama a Monkey. First of all I cannot believe there is no monitor here to stop you from using such offensive words on this site. You know that Jews have been the target of prejudice for thousands of years, yet you still call him a monkey. If you are serious about changing peoples minds, you need to have more sensitivity toward other peoples feelings. He may be black, but he is no monkey, and that is a fact!
        Facts do matter, and people will judge you based on your use or misuse of facts. Secondly, no I’m not happy with the way the president has done his job or lack there of. By calling him racist names you lump everyone who has legitimate grievances with him into one big group. I do not want to be in a group with racists! He has consistently favored collective rights over individual rights.Our constitution was based on individual rights. Witness our Bill of Rights. They were put into our constitution because there wasn’t enough emphasis placed on individual rights. The second amendment is one of our individual rights.
        The arguments put forth by the left are not knew. It was proposed by some members of congress at the time of the drafting of our constitution that some citizens of this knew country would undoubtedly misuse guns, and they have. However, it was finally decided that there was a greater threat of tyranny to the people if the government had a monopoly on guns. So if you value freedom, you must believe that it comes with some risks. We just try to minimize those risks by not letting people have guns that shouldn’t have them.

    3. He wanted to hear the Heller case again you moron. That’s why the NRA is against his appointment. Talking through your butthole huh moron?

    4. appointing garland would start the end of our gun ownership.I don’t think you’re a gun owner at all,just another gun-ban fake.

  4. buffalbob: Your reply has NOTHING to do with this issue!! You should get together with Mork, who does not know what he is talking about either. You guys DO give gun owners a bad name as as RGO says.

      1. If you can’t make your point without vulgarity, you need to expand your thinking process as well as your vocabulary. I’m sure the editors can delete your comments as well as ban you. There may be kids reading. Knock it off, please.

      2. No!! Garland is a Trojan horse which these morons need to figure out. Being politically correct doesnt work with Liberals.
        The NRA rejects Garland because of his past cases.
        We cannot allow a Liberal majority in the Supreme Court.
        The next potus should select so if the Hildebeast wins then we may be doomed but I can live with that. At least tbats fair. Monkey in chief filabustered Bush when the same situation arose. Typical of tie monkey in chief, what is fair to him is not fair to Conservatives.
        The monkey CANNOT make anymore decisions. He can part ways nicely and move to Liberia and stay out of America.

      3. I agree but I just find your reply offensive. Once people degenerate into that kind of talk, I’m out.. no one wants to listen to that stuff. It’s rude and inappropriate to this forum. If you want to use that kind of terminology on your personal facebook page, go for it, but this is an outdoors forum. You don’t know who your audience is. If you need to start using such sexually explicit derogatory language, you may find yourself blocked from commenting, so I would suggest you go back and edit it. Even a “kma” is not quite as offensive as the language you used. I don’t like being an internet cop and I don’t like censorship but I will speak out against using poor judgement and I think you used poor judgement in your comment. Just a suggestion… you might want to consider it.

      4. Lisa,
        It is my first amendment right and you have a choice to voice your opinion. If you dont want to be an internet cop then dont be one.
        Parenting begins at home so if you raise your children right, they know the difference between good and bad. Trying to shelter them is not in their best interest.
        When morons learn to stfu then I will respond in a civilized manner.
        I have an opinion and if they choose to make comments then I can make comments too.
        They dont know who me so I dont appreciate their snide remarks.
        You said when you read this you are out. That is your choice. We live in a different world Lisa and Im tired of political correctness that the Liberals spew but dont follow.
        If these morons dont know what’s at stake here then I will continue to call them morons and use my descriptive language.

  5. Ya know why both the Repubs and Dems hate Trump?
    Trump is the only one NOT a part of the DC establishment.
    He uses them and manipulates them but it ticks the off that they cant controlTrump.
    We might not like Trump, but its either Commie Hillary DC establishment or Trump.
    Think about it.

  6. mork: You just perfectly proved my point! I just knew you would say something like that. Probably everyone else did also. Feel better Mr. Bigot?

    1. Hooray we have another clear thinker. Let the politically correct fools talk. They will be the first to perish if the shtf.

  7. Without commenting on people’s negative assessments of typical African-Americans, it does not make sense to attach those assessments to Obama or to call him any racially-based names. Obama does not share any aspect of the African-American experience. He was not raised in this country, did not experience either slavery or Jim Crow, was propelled into upper-class educational institutions, has had unearned wealth lavished on him, and was elevated into positions of political power. The only reason that people hurl racist labels at him is that they can, since he claims to be black. But they really don’t fit. He is, however, fair game for more truthful, though not racial, criticisms.

  8. Be aware of the paid internet trolls working the internet. They are employed by the left and the right for any number of purposes. It is not hard to imagine that somebody making a negative comments is actually in the employment of the same people they are directing their negative comments.

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