You haven’t seen waves until you see waves of ice crashing against the shore. Wyoming Game and Fish Department warden Jim Seeman captured this footage near Buffalo, and it offers a rare glimpse of what happens when you mix high winds and sheets of ice. Of course, homeowners who live close to the shore probably already know about this phenomenon, which can actually damage homes.

In 2013, ice from Lake Mille Lacs were pushed up from strong winds and covered about 10 miles of shoreline, in some cases depositing ice up to 30 feet high.

“It basically has the same mechanism of an iceberg,” Todd Borek, a CNN meteorologist, said at the time. “Winds, but more so ocean currents, allow icebergs to drift. Same premise: A chunk of ice (relatively shallow) was pushed by a strong, sustained wind. The momentum of the ice sheet overcame the friction of the land.”

Pretty neat. Have you seen anything like this before?

The Ice at Lake Desmet

Our Buffalo Game Warden, Jim Seeman captured this series of videos a few weeks ago out at Lake DeSmet. Have you ever had the opportunity to see something like this? Let us know! We hope you get out on the water soon and if you're doing some fishing share your experience with us! #wyofishIt was hard to hear the ice moving because of the wind in the mic but we do have a short snippet if you are interested:

Posted by Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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2 thoughts on “Video: Game Warden Records Wave of Ice Coming at Him

  1. One year on Mille Lacs the ice was still 2-3 feet thick but going out really fast. It was warm and the ice was soft and porous. The SE wind was so strong that it blew the sheet up on Garrison Beach (town on NW corner of lake). It’s a very gradual bottom and shoreline there. The ice went up and over the highway (169 runs right beside the lake there), up through people’s yards and endangered their homes (couple hundred yards from the water). Folks were out with chainsaws, carving out the ice as it creeped ever closer to devastating their houses. One in particular, the ice was a mere few feet from the corner of his house. I doubt insurance would cover that……. Just another ice out in northern Minnesota….

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