We wouldn’t mind playing Duck Hunt with this zapper.

There is little question that Glock handguns are among the easiest and most popular firearms to customize. A Cerakote coating business in Texas, Black Sheep Arms, managed to transform a standard Glock into something that resembled an old Nintendo zapper from the NES era. The best part? The gun actually runs smoothly.

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Posted by Black Sheep Arms on Friday, March 11, 2016


We wouldn’t be pointing this pistol at the TV anytime soon however. It may look like a light gun, but the Nintendo Glock fires very real bullets. And to those worried about it possibly being mistaken for a toy by children, be assured that this customized Glock is one of a kind and locked up tight by Black Sheep Arms. Plus, we wouldn’t suspect there are a lot of kids these days who have actually seen a real NES zapper before.


Duck Hunt gun actually works. #blacksheeparms #duckhuntdog #cerakote #gun #guns #glock #glock_team #glockperfection #austin #customfirearms

Posted by Black Sheep Arms on Monday, March 14, 2016

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7 thoughts on “Video: The Nintendo Glock Zapper in Action

  1. A totally bad idea if ever there was one! There is a valid reason why toy guns are colored so as to be obviously toy guns, people used to get killed quite often pulling realistic looking toy guns on other, armed, people. Now we’re going to reverse that trend?

    1. Ron,

      Take a deep breath and read the whole article. It’s one of a kind, and locked away in the safe of a gun manufacturer.

  2. I guess everyone has forgotten about all the Hello Kitty AR-15 rifles out there. The NES glock was a custom job for a specific client/legal gun owner. I don’t see what the big deal is here.

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