If virtual reality and sleek black rifles are your thing, this video will blow you away. One VR game developer, identified by Motherboard as Anton Hand, recently wowed his online audience after he demonstrated the use of a virtual reality AR-15. What is truly impressive here is his attention to detail in simulating nearly every piece of the firearm. Of course, there are some inaccuracies, seeing as how it is an ongoing project, but the weapon appears to behave nearly identically to its real life counterpart. The subject has been brought up before: will the future of firearms training be conducted in a VR environment?

There have been plenty of discussion on the viability of simulated training with VR technology. The biggest problem for now is that while the virtual reality part may hold a lot of potential, there is the issue of feedback. Whether it’s the feel of the recoil or simply the tactile sensation of loading new rounds into a magazine, those are hard to practically integrate into a VR setup such as this one. However, VR does offer new options for training scenarios, and down the line could reach a wider audience.

Plus, you can’t watch this video without being impressed at how smoothly and realistically that virtual AR-15 functions.

Image screenshot of video by Anton Hand on YouTube

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