By design pyrodex pellets are highly flammable, and it’s a good idea to keep them away from possible sources of ignition.

This muzzleloader shooter seems to have forgotten that fact. He was shooting a muzzleloader, which is a great ignition source, over the top of an open box of pyrodex pellets. A spark hit the pellets causing them to rapidly burn. This is why eye protection and common sense are important.

Image from mrcdub67 on YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Video: Why Muzzleloader Powder Safety is Important

  1. Sorry, I was a bit bit to harsh in my first post. As a firearms safety instructor and have worked with training youth to safely use firearms I forgot to point out 2 very important safety issues I saw in this video. 1. The young man should have been wearing safety glasses. 2. The guy is an idiot and should never have been allowed to be within several miles of a firearm or a firing range were he could have possibly injured himself and others.

    1. As a firearm safety and concealed carry instructor myself, I agree with your first comment 100%… it really encapsulates what you elaborated on in your second message quite well.

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. I would not be upset to learn that this dumbass lost his eyesight. At least there would be comfort knowing that there’d be one less idiot with a gun in his hands.

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