Press release from MKS Supply LLC

Hi-Point 9mm (Model 995) carbines are known for their robust construction, accuracy, reliability, and affordability.

The only “problem”: The 9mm Hi-Point OEM magazines hold 10 rounds. For engineering reasons and due to the huge volume of sales of the 9mm carbine with the 10-round magazine, there were no plans by Hi-Point to make a higher capacity magazine.

The Solution: The Redball, a one-piece, 20-round, single-stack magazine for the Hi-Point carbine. This great-looking articulated magazine fits and feeds the 9mm Hi-Point carbine without fail. Moreover, it is the only high-capacity magazine tested and approved by Hi-Point firearms and MKS Supply.

It looks like two magazines welded together, but what looks like a mid-point weld area is actually a polymer-molded magazine well stabilizer called a locking plate that makes the magazine fit firmly in the carbine’s grip to prevent wiggle and thus increase ammunition feed reliability.

There are plans to offer the Redball magazine for Hi-Point’s .40 and .45 ACP carbines in the future, but the company wanted to guarantee this concept, get things patented and satisfy the current 9mm demand first, so one new magazine is all they can take on presently.

• 20-round capacity (currently 9mm only)
• Heat-treated steel body; black oxide finish
• Polymer base, follower and locking plate
• MSRP $24.99

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16 thoughts on “Hi-Point Now Has Higher Capacity Magazines

  1. I tried a fifteen round magazine from another maker. Even though it received lots of negative comments I thought my experience would be different. I ended up returning them. I am going to order one of these 20 rounders hoping these work as advertised.

  2. Hipoint has best service &warranty of any manufacturing(gun) of any I have ever dealt with,period.That has been a Service,repair,& expediency are unsurpassed!great product,great people to deal with.Thank you. L.c.Cooper

  3. That has to be the ugliest carbine I have ever seen. “…known for their robust construction, accuracy, reliability, and affordability.” buahahahahahahaha.
    I suppose they are affordable…in a Yugo sort of way. I think my stripped 9mm lower receiver cost about that much. As the old addage goes – you get what you pay for, and Hi-Point is no exception.

    1. You obviously don’t own one, nor have you ever shot one….The pistols made by them aren’t great and are ugly as sin but work, and would make an excellent “truck” gun. The 2nd gen carbines are also ugly, but as the article said, are reliable, are accurate and well built.

      And for the record, No I don’t own a hipoint of any kind, but know people who do and have shot them.

      1. Well then you are plain ignorant. I own one and vouch for what the owners have said. Very accurate, reliable, easy maintenance, shoots +P, magazines drop, last round hold open, nice sights, plenty of rail space and inexpensive accessories, and now with the redball 20 round mags makes a nice well rounded package. I assure you that if you let me shoot you with it you will not survive.

      2. mine got out of the factory with a mag release spring. i sent it back with a note to the repair guy at the factory detailing my problem. a couple of weeks later i got a hand written note from rocky (no questions asked at all), detailing what was fixed, free of charge, a sincere apology for the boo-boo, and two factory 8 round mags for free. i’ll never see that kind of service from glock, or smith-ever. the gun shoots like a dream by the way.

    2. Sounds like someone that will spend twice the money or more for something pretty that will not handle the ammo that the 995 will. Bad ass is not necessarily pretty..
      I only know of two company’s that have a lifetime warranty. HIPOINT and SCCY. Both of them are made in good old USA and priced with in reason. Other company`s could learn from them.

  4. i own a hi-point carbine 995ts, and a c9. oh sure, there are the gun snobs out there…sometimes it seems like snobs are everywhere, but, the proof of the pudding is in the mix, and the snobs have never tried the pudding. hi-point’s service, and warranty are the best-personal experience speaking here…but, i digress…it’s about time that someone came up with a higher cap magazine, and we all can get away from the promag mags. the promags are absolute junk. unfortunately, we’ve been saddled with the 10 round or less magazines for what seems like forever. this mag might be the ticket for extrta rounds, without carting around a jillion mags…maybe. time will tell if this mag is a good idea, or a boondoggle…

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