This kitty seems to have bitten off more than it can chew. Or at least, more than it can carry off. This video was recently uploaded online showing a mountain lion investigating a goat carcass. According to the video’s uploader on LiveLeak, it was in fact the same cougar that killed the goat in the first place.

“A friend’s goats were killed by what we thought was a mountain lion. He secured the goats overnight until he could bury them. We set up a night vision camera and caught him on video,” read the description.

The incident reportedly occurred near Topanga, California.

Mountain lion attacks on livestock are rare, but do happen. These cats are opportunistic creatures and will gladly take an easy meal if one is available. The cougar population in Los Angeles County is relatively small and familiar with humans, due to their close proximity to urban areas. A few, such as Griffith Park’s P-22, have gained a certain level of fame for living so close to California’s largest city.

Image screenshot of video by jmasterj on LiveLeak

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