Iconic action heroes like “Dirty Harry” Callahan and John McClane of Die Hard fame may not exactly be known for their stealth, but for their latest promo, the folks at SilencerCo decided to upgrade the stars of our favorite films with the Maxim 9, their new integrally suppressed pistol.

“What’s more awesome than Dirty Harry, Deadpool, and Die Hard?” asked SilencerCo. “Dirty Harry, Deadpool, and Die Hard with Maxim 9’s. The SilencerCo Spring 2016 apparel line features the most iconic film characters of the last 50 years, all with one important change: we’ve updated their firepower. You might not be a crime fighting superhero or be able to recite Ezekiel 25:17 from heart, but with these shirts, you’ll be damn close. Watch the video to see Vincent, Jules, and the rest of the best do epic stuff . . . quietly.”

It’s just another testament to the creativity of the SilencerCo team, who last year also brought us Maxim Vice:

Image screenshot of video by Silencerco on YouTube

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