One of the things we’ve always wondered about albino or leucistic deer is if the other deer notice. Seeing as how these animals can and do produce healthy young, it seems that other deer are more than willing to accept them. Still, it would be interesting to see what the interactions are between normal-looking deer and their paler cousins.

These three white deer were caught on camera browsing in Vilas County, Wisconsin last week. According to Fox News 12, only one in 20,000 deer in Wisconsin are albino, and leucistic deer are only slightly more common, which makes this sighting especially rare. It is likely that these deer are actually leucistic and possibly even related, as the genetic mutation that causes white fur—such as in the white deer herd in Seneca, New York—are passed down from parent to offspring.

White deer are protected in Wisconsin, so the greatest dangers facing these deer are the elements, traffic, and native predators.

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One thought on “Video: Rare Trio of White Deer Spotted in Yard

  1. I was kind of looking forward to seeing this video, because I live very close to the Seneca Army Depot in Central NY, home of the white deer herd the poster speaks of, but the video won’t play. Very disappointing…

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