We can’t speak for his accuracy, but this man is handling a lot of serious firepower. Shooting just one Barrett M82/M107 is impressive enough, but two at the same time? His arms are going to be sore later. To put things in perspective, the M82 fires a .50 BMG round (something which was originally designed to shoot down aircraft) at a muzzle velocity of roughly 850 m/s. When it comes to muzzle energy, the .50 BMG produces from 10,000 to 15,000 foot pounds, which is comparable to about six times that of a .30-06 Springfield round.

Now imagine that kind of power in both hands, and you’ll be more impressed in how this shooter didn’t go flying backwards.


Image screenshot of video by Arizona_Patriot on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Two Barrett 50 BMGs Turn Man into Human Gun Turret

  1. What a waste of good ammo. Yeah, macho macho man can go dance down at the Yankees. Otherwise this is silly

    1. Who cares? His ammo, his money…. If he finds it fun, why not? If I had access to two of those and a hundred bucks laying around for the ammo, it would be fun to bang off ten rounds like that just for kicks…..

      1. To each his own. I’d rather spend 5 rounds trying to hit a target at 1,000 to 1,200 yards. Guess it takes all kinds. To me it’s a waste. He could have used blanks. Thanks for the reply. I get my fun and satisfaction from the achievement of aimed fire, some seem to like the noisemakers aspects.
        But then, it takes all kinds

      2. Oh, I agree, I’d much rather send them a kilometer or two down range and be pleased to hear the clang of lead on steel….

        But just like some guys love to take out their SKS or AK and just do a mag dump, I see this as the same thing.

        To each their own imo. Plus it does make a cool video :p

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