The “don’t feed the wildlife” signs exist for a reason, and this is it.

A Florida man uploaded this video of a raccoon feeding gone wrong. According the the uploader he “strolled up on this large raccoon family and a chill cat” and decided to offer them some food. After holding out a treat one of the raccoons cautiously approached him, and that’s where the lesson began.

Instead of taking the treat the raccoon took a chunk out of the man’s finger. This is what happens when you fail to respect wild animals.



Image from Braddock Baskett on YouTube

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  • Snug

    Forrest Gump visits Florida . Stupid needs to get rabies shots !

  • LOL

    Funny how a do-gooder never thinks anything will go badly, until it does. From save all the raccoon’s to kill them all in the matter of seconds. LOL!

  • Mikial

    The Coon’s ears went back well before it reached his hand. He had plenty of time to raise his hand and back away. C’mon, Dude, a little common sense goes a long way. My wife and I grew up around wildlife and both of us have feed Raccoon, and you have to learn how to read them and react to the situation.