Captain America’s shield is completely impervious to damage because of its fictional adamantium construction, but how would a steel replica hold up against .45 ACP?

That’s the question Jerry Miculek is trying to answer in his latest video. Jerry set the shield target up down range and fired 8 shots at it to see how it held up. Of course no super hero test would be complete without a costume so Jerry dressed up as Captain America complete with his very own shield.

We won’t spoil the results for you, but let’s just say we were very impressed.

Image from The Leaders in Gun Control! on YouTube

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162 thoughts on “Video: Jerry Miculek Tests His “Bulletproof” Captain America Shield

  1. That was awesome! Jerry says pure Titanium but we usually use 64 Titanium, not pure. 6% Vanadium and 4% Aluminum. What gauge was used?

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