Breaching whales can be a majestic site, but they it can be a little unnerving when it happens in a tiny harbor next to your boat.

Cy Williams, a boat captain at Strike Zone Sportfishing, captured this unbelievable video in a small Ketchikan, Alaska harbor. The whale, which was in search of food, can be seen under the docks before it’s grand entrance. Suddenly the giant whale surfaces just a few feet from the dock surprising everyone involved.

We are actually surprised that the whale was able to maneuver in such a crowded harbor.

Wait for it… !!!

Posted by KING 5 on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Image from KING 5 on Facebook

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  • Wow. That’s crazy.

  • Tim_the_Bald

    Don’t fee the whales, or they just come back the next day wanting more.

  • Snug

    Has anyone identified the specie of the whale ? Could it be a young adult ,as there seems to be only a small number of barnacles near the chin ? To me , it seems to have less fear of man than is the norm . May it never suffer for that !