During the past 3 decades, I’ve seen my share of interesting woodland creatures while turkey hunting. Once in South Texas, I watched a bobcat wait – belly on the ground – for 30 minutes along a two-track while a half-dozen wild turkeys slowly fed its way. And when one of the jakes was only 10 feet away, the bobcat sprang into action. Depending on who you were rooting for (I was cheering for the bobcat), you’ll be either happy or sad to learn the turkey flew away after losing only a few feathers.

The life of a predator isn’t an easy one, and as you’ll see in this recent video clip from Pennsylvania, at times predators are the aggressors, and at times they, too, feel like prey.

It’s unclear as to what makes this black bear turn tail and run (human/boot odor on the ground perhaps?), but whatever the case, the turkey hunter/cameraman was rewarded with a close encounter of the black-blur kind.


Image from Colton White on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Turkey Hunter Nearly Trampled by Black Bear

  1. The bear caught wind of the turkey hunter, did not know where the man was, because he’d been there so long the air was widely saturated with his scent, and the bear boogied! Up in Maine, back in 1977, my Uncle Finley and I were out tending Katahdin Lodge bear baits, when he walked in the woods ahead of me getting a bucket of bait filled. 1st guy in checks for bear sign real quick, 2nd guy dumps the fresh bait on the old bait. Then get out quick, so as not to scare any incoming bear away. It was only the 2nd time for him (he had baited thousands of times), 1st for me (I had done a few thousand baits) that we walked in on a bear. Finley’s froze in the trail lovin’ life watching the bear. I see the bear, and I’m thrilled. We ain’t armed. Then I see the bear come out from behind underbrush, stop, flip its nose up and down in the air real quick several times, facing sideways to us & looking into the woods, I saw that my scent had traveled along the ground around past the underbrush, the bear caught a whiff of it, never looked in Fin and my direction, then took off running into the woods – just as the bear in the video did. The turkey hunter was probably well camouflaged, bear never saw him or vectored in on the human source of the wide spread scent. Wonderful video, a true natural thrill for the lucky hunter. I’m jealous.

    1. Im pretty sure he spooked when he saw my turkey decoys which would have also had my sent on them. But from the small amount of video from my GoPro that was over looking the decoys you see him look right at them and then bolt. Crazy morning!!

  2. In HD on Full Screen, you can see the bear’s mouth and nose quickly taste the air before it takes off running.

  3. It sort of looked like a deadbeat heading out the back way when he sees the bill collector coming in the front . Good video , you didn’t flinch .

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