Buying a silencer can be a confusing process if you are uninformed.

However, it’s actually fairly easy and you can either purchase one as an individual or through a legal trust. We created this infographic below to walk you through all of the steps and choices you need to make on your way to buying a silencer. In the second part of the infographic we focus on what happens after Rule 41F comes into effect on July 13th. After July 13th the process becomes a little more difficult so you might want to act fast if you are interested in buying a silencer.

Take a look at the infographic below and make your next silencer purchase pain-free.


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  • disqus_tmvkwX9LhA

    Why would anyone need a silencer,we have enough trouble now with the public in our demands? We brought them down on us because of dumb things we do not need. We need a silencer about as much as a hog needs a side saddle.

    • alan

      And tell me again, what qualifies you to tell anybody else what they need? And what about what they want? What is the harm?

  • Duh

    What I can’t hear you! Your hog needs a big paddle?