Adventure filmmaker Ryan Van Duzer sets out to find blue collar, rough and ready workhorses, who endure grueling conditions in order to make a living.

Think your job is rough?!

Get an inside look at the dangerous feats an ironworker, tower climber, buffalo rancher and logging arborist accomplish and overcome day in and day out.

In the premiere episode of CarbonTV’s new original series Tough Jobs, Van Duzer gets up close and personal with Chris, one tough and experienced Boston ironworker.

“This thing holds a ton of air – two thousand pounds. If this breaks off, it will put us right through the wall!” Chris exclaims, pointing to the nozzle on a hydrochloric water rinse tank, while explaining the hazards of ironworking.

They say the toughest steel is forged from the hottest fires. Watch the sparks in Episode1 of #ToughJobs, only on

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