You may have seen the upsetting story of the massive buck poached in January just outside of Shiocton, Wisconsin. Now justice maybe be served to the poachers responsible.

The Wisconsin DNR has been investigating the case since then, and now there are charges pending against Edwin Singler, 53, from Shiocton and his son, Ryan Singler, 25.

Edwin and Ryan Singler were hunting coyotes north of Shiocton on January 22 when the incident occurred. According to court documents from the Outagamie County Circuit Court, the witnesses “observed the hunting dogs chase at least 20 deer north towards Edwin Singler’s truck and observed the large buck with the group.” At some point the other members of the group heard two gun shots coming from the direction of the Singlers. Edwin Singler then radioed the rest of the group to inform them that he had just shot a “fox and crow.” Edwin Singler told the other members of the hunting party that they did not need any help recovering their “small game harvest” and he then “directed the group to stop hunting for the day.”

Later that afternoon a witness photographed the dead buck near the location where the Singler’s had parked their truck. The next day the DNR investigated the report of a dead buck and found the deer decapitated with a “a single set of footprints leading from the deer.” The DNR also found a “nickel-plated .223 round, with REM FC12 stamped on the end with a blue primer sealer” located right next to the tracks from the truck. Ultimately, this round is what lead investigators to the Singlers because they were the only ones in the group carrying a .223 rifle that day.

Both the father and son are also currently under investigation for poaching a Nevada elk last fall. Hopefully the justice served in this case will act as a deterrent to future poachers.

You can watch a video of the report below.

Image from Houndsmen For Justice on GoFundMe

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11 thoughts on “Father and Son Investigated for Poaching Massive World-class Buck

  1. Like father like son. Imagine all the game animals they poached and didn’t get caught. Thumbs up to the members of the group that reported them. Father of the year material? Not hardliners. Dirt bag of the year? Certainly. If these turds were ethical and skilled hunters they could kill a big buck legally like the rest of us. Poachers do what they do because they lack maturity, respect, patience, honesty and love for wildlife and the outdoors. Unlawful citizens. Poachers do a lot of other illegal activities also. Speaking on behalf of all the hunters and non hunters who think exactly the opposite of these two criminals, please do not allow these two lower than life individuals to ever possess a firearm or hunt again. Thanks Wisconsin DNR.

    1. Exactly, people who are on Social Media should post poachers photos and court results. Blast these idiots. Hunters are tired of them..

  2. It is time to harden the penalties for poaching. They already don’t get caught very much and those that do are willing to pay the petty fines. If an out of state Elk tag costs me around $500, what deterrent is there for someone when the fine for poaching is the same as the price for a license? As a hunter I resent being grouped in with these kinds of people. Permanent removal of hunting and fishing rights, prison time, and a minimum of $5K for the elk and deer. Should be more for rarer species. Get a license and do it right you punks!

  3. I am quite surprised that no comments are listed so far. Another case of low down dirty poaching. This gives ethical hunters a real slap in the face. Never ending stories of poaching. I hope the judge is very very hard on these two idiots. Hopefully the other people that know them do the the same. Shame, a real hunter was possibly denied a buck of a lifetime..

  4. Another thing that bothers me in this article is the photo of a large buck , wounded and suffering no doubt. But a photo of it was taken being wounded. Am not anti hunting, but this was a poor choice of a photo. Anti’s love this stuff. Hopefully the buck was dispatched quickly. I have hunted going over forty years and no animal needs to suffer. Kill them clean and quickly.

  5. It’s past due for poachers to have to pay , not in money but labor . Add the cost of the investigation ,the cost of the trial and the fines make the convicted poacher work off the total at minimum wage cleaning up roadkill animals.. I would bet he NEVER poachers game again .

  6. If that same buck had gotten in front of your wife, or sons, or daughters car one morning, and come through their windshield,would all of you have the same attitude about that buck?

  7. Spell out to us what would have made this record buck legal to kill in any circumstance.Is it the money attached to the license,the equipment used,the hunting clothes all of the accessories needed to hunt these days? The reason I ask these question is that I was a hunter many years ago.The older you get the more you appreciate life and what it means. If you are hungry, by all means go at it as food ,not a trophy. Time, and bad health, and pain has changed my attitude to see the other side of life and how important it is to all living creatures.

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