Keeping thieves from getting at your trail camera is one thing, but strapping on explosives as a deterrent? That is the definition of going overboard—and according to Kentucky State Police, very illegal. Officials with state police announced last week that a number of game cameras—without specifying how many—were found with explosives attached in Harlan County. Local media reported that police are currently investigating the case and do not believe that it is related to terrorism. Instead, officials suspect that the explosives may have been added to deter thieves.

The theft of trail cameras is a big frustration for hunters. Due to their function, these cameras are often left unattended for long periods of time and can be especially tempting for thieves. Sometimes these thefts are just crimes of opportunity, but it is not unknown for some individuals to target these devices especially. Of course, attempting to safeguard a camera with an explosive device is not only impractical, it is illegal.

“Kentucky State Police Post 10 Harlan is investigating a case involving game cameras equipped with explosive devices,” read a press release from the state police. “These cameras have been placed in wooded areas in Harlan County. Kentucky State Police are asking for the public’s assistance with information on who is placing these cameras out in Harlan County.”

Police are also asking residents to give game cameras a wide berth if they come across them in the woods.

“It could detonate, explode, and possibly blow your hand up,” Trooper Shane Jacobs told WYMT.

You can watch the full interview below:

Officials did not clarify what kind of explosive was used in the cameras, but according to WYMT, at least three of the devices have been found so far. This poses a threat to not only would-be camera thieves, but also hikers and campers as well. It is especially a threat to children, who may not be familiar with game cameras and are naturally curious.

Police also say that the devices could mark the boundaries of marijuana patches, although officials did not confirm whether any marijuana found at those sites. Illegal marijuana farms are often booby-trapped, or sometimes occupied by armed guards. That makes venturing close to one a dangerous proposition for many hunters and hikers. Those who run into one of these farms are recommended to call police rather than attempting to investigate it themselves.

Image screenshot of video by WYMT Television on YouTube

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10 thoughts on “Officials Investigating Explosive Rigged Game Cameras in Kentucky

  1. It is a sign of the mentallity of todays people.Damage to brains by, dope and narcotics of all kinds, are changing humans into animals. About as stupid as anything I have ever heard of in my 79 years.

    1. That’s a real disgusting way to look at an evil act. Sorta like a US Soldier driving along a foreign countries highway and gets blow up. You are a duck person!

  2. I wonder if there is any possibility that this is being done by militant anti hunters. Go out, find a hunter’s camera, rig it with explosives, and blow him up when he comes to check it. Not saying that’s what happened, but there are some violent anti hunters out there.

      1. Obviously you never watched Justified on TNT when it was on. Set in Harlan KY and protagonist was Boyd Crowder, a demolition expert coal miner and drug dealer. Was a good show.

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