The army is always looking for way to improve the performance of their soldiers’ small arms. The M80A1 EPR is the latest incarnation of that quest.

In this video from The Wound Channel you can see just how effective the new EPR bullet really is. The M80A1  features a 130gr projectile featuring a copper slug and a hardened steel perpetrator for use against harder targets and body armor. As you can see in the footage the round immediately dumps a large amount of it’s energy while shedding it’s copper jacket. This creates a large wound channel, but it doesn’t stop there. The copper slug and steel penetrator continue on through the gel block eventually exiting through the other side. This new round should provide a number of advantages on for our men and women on the battlefield.

You really need to watch the video below to get a true sense for how effective this round is.

Image screenshot of video by The Wound Channel on CarbonTV

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