Close encounters of the bear kind are always tense, but smacking into one on a bike is possibly the last situation you’d want to be in. After all, you’re left with being face-first on the ground with a very annoyed bear nearby. That is exactly what happened to Davis Souza, who happened to be filming one of his recent cycling excursions on Mills Peak in Graeagle, California. According to GrindTV, the mountain biker was on a popular local trail when he went head over heels for this black bear.

Thankfully for him it was a small bear. We wouldn’t know what to do if it was an angry sow with cubs nearby.

“This bear came out of nowhere and was gone before I could ask if it was alright or anything!” Souza posted to his Instagram.

Wild animals usually don’t stick around in bike collisions. It’s not that they don’t have insurance—they just don’t want to have to deal with whatever insanely scary thing it was that knocked them over in the first place. To them, even a man on a bike is probably some incomprehensibly terrifying creature.

The video reminds of us of this popular clip that came out in 2014, showing an intense encounter with a brown bear. However, after quickly growing viral, it was later revealed that the video was doctored. You can see that “encounter” below:


Image from Instagram

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