Unfortunately it appears as though last week’s disturbing alligator attack is not the end of Disney’s gator woes.

This footage from Inside Edition shows a Disney employee fighting off an alligator in the Splash Mountain ride. You can watch as the employee hits the gator with a large net while unaware riders pass by just feet from the animal. Given the events of last week this video casts doubts on the safety practices of the Disney resort and park. This alligator could have easily made it’s way into one of the passenger vehicles on the ride if it were not for the employee.

According to reports Disney World ignored prior warnings that guests were feeding alligators in the lagoon where 2-year-old Lane Graves was snatched and ultimately lost his life. “Disney knew these alligators had become desensitized to humans, as they had begun to associate guests with food, and did not act in a proactive manner,” an unnamed source told TheWrap.

Hopefully this will be the last alligator related incident at the amusement park.

Image from Inside Edition on YouTube

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