Targets have remained mostly the same for the past century or so, but that’s about to change.

A new startup named Autonomous Alloys released a teaser for their new target system and we are seriously impressed. According to the company their patent-pending technology provides the first digitally controlled, ballistic steel target system with audio and visual feedback. Through the use of Wi-Fi and clever software the system offers a fully automated, micro-second level control of a target’s position. These advanced features could turn your trip to the range into a whole new experience due to the steel target stay-down, double tap, and hit detection mechanics.

Imagine competing with a friend at the range to see who can get the most double-taps on a target in a set amount of time. With this system there is also no need to go down range to reset targets because the steel plates automatically reset with a magnetic catch. Right now their system is rated up to 9mm because the marker LED’s are protected with polycarbonate “bullet proof” glass.

This might be the closest you can get to a video game at a real life range.

Image from Autonomous Alloys on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: The World’s Most Advanced Target System Will Change the Way You Shoot

  1. Stupid unaffordable way overpriced, battery operated sales gimmick, that’s prone to breakage and/or failure. I love my home made welded hanging steel targets. They swing when hit, don’t require batteries, never need to be re-set up, are waterproof, heat proof, drop proof and more than likely cost 1/10th the price of those “toy” (9mm ONLY) targets. Oh yeah, did I mention that mine can take not on only the 9mm, but .44mag, .45-70, 5.56, 7.62×54?????

  2. “Run and gun” with a .22 LR???? Who seriously does that, other than a very tiny minority of gun owners?. It’s modeled after a “video game?” Well if I want a video game, I’ll play XBOX. When I’m done playing video games, I’ll be at the range shooting my SOCOM .308 rifle and 1911’s. Hanging steel targets fired upon with larger caliber weapons gives plenty of loud and reactive feedback to the shooter. Again, how much does this toy “9mm only” system cost??? It just doesn’t make financial sense. I’m just slamming this system for the following reasons: Each “unit” is bulky. That’s terrible for storage or transport. Each unit has electrical hardware, prone to failure (it WILL happen eventually). It’s limited to only “9mm” caliber (that means it’s “fragile” folks). Because bullet proof plexiglass or glass is used, coupled with wireless electronic components, this is going to cost probably 5-10 times the price of a piece of hanging steel costs. Hanging steel won’t ever break or require batteries, but a piece of electronic hardware eventually will. This concept won’t be on the market long, mark my words. Because who wants to bring two sets of targets out for a day of shooting? You’ll have your 9mm electronic targets and then targets for everything else you’ll want to shoot, like your .40, .45, 223, or .308. Who wants to pack all that crap to the range, set it ALL up and then bring it all home again? How about one type of steel reactive target that won’t ever break, nor require batteries and is much smaller to transport and store? Hey, there’s a less expensive idea!

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