At this very moment 30 Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives are staging a sit-in.

Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia, announced the sit in earlier this morning and since that point a number of his Democratic colleagues have joined him. The congressmen can be heard shouting “No bill, no break,” which is now trending on social media with the hashtag #NoBillNoBreak. Lawmakers are scheduled to take a week long break for their Independence Day celebrations, but Democrats are threatening to stop all other legislation until there is a vote on two gun control bills. One of the bills aims to broaden background checks for firearm purchases and the other proposed bill would bar individuals on the terror watchlist from buying a gun.

This sit-in comes after four control measures were shot down in the senate. Given the Republican majority in the House these bills have a very small chance of passing. This is on ongoing story and we will continue to update with new details.

You can watch a video of Rep. John Lewis’ speech below:

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16 thoughts on “Breaking News: Members of the House Stage Sit-in to Push Votes Gun Control

  1. Now that’s a waste of congressional time, a sit in to take rights away from American Citizens, while illegals, terrorists are trying to take over the country

  2. He didn’t say anything about the mental health problems that lead to most of the shootings. He didn’t talk about the terrorists. Once again the rights of millions and millions of law-abiding citizen’s rights are under attack. Proper security was not present in Orlando. Those poor people were sitting ducks. Talk about that.

  3. These are the throw backs of the left from the 60s & 70s that need to be cleansed from Washington & academia. They haven’t grown up & realized that times have changed & that we are not still at the May Day protest of 1971. The sad part is that they keep getting voted in by the largest blocks of the hands out uneducated, misinformed, lowest denominator voters.

  4. What part of “shall not be infringed” do these people not get? Those fat, lazy, and weak dillies aren’t going to last on the floor very long. Even in the photo op they look terribly uncomfortable. If it wasn’t so disgusting it would be funny.

  5. Guess these folks forgot to read the constitution.. sure the primary focus is on 2A, but what about due process? The right to confront your accuser? Right to legal representation and lets not forget my favorite..

    Name me one constitutional right that has the same level of restrictions and constant assault on its place in our nation.

    But common sense never was a requirement for governmental operations and the deeper inside the beltway one gets, the less oxygen is available for cranial operations

  6. I don’t see much difference between what that gaggle of congress members are doing now and what that same batch of the usual waste of air political hacks do every day . Sit on their asses and do nothing useful for their constituents except spend hard earned taxes on their own aggrandizement .

  7. Punch of kindergarten mentality, throwing a hissy tantrum because they can’t get their way.
    Speaks loudly to the idiots that voted for these AHoles.

  8. This so-called representative Lewis is the same oatmeal head who was worried about the island of Guam capsizing if we stationed any more Marines on it.

  9. Join Americans and take our nation back !
    40,000 americans get killed every year in cars ! You hypocrite democrat , this shooting that the demacrates ! actually sponsored ! yes ! to try and push their own agenda ! You speak of childern and kids being killed ! Sons and daughters , but you have no problem sending them to die on foreign soil as long as you can ptifit from their blood ! During Vietnam the same people protested and called us baby burners ! Now you hypocrites kill innocent unborn babies ! and claim you care about children !! Bull ! You only care about money and power ! Destroying the Constitution to become demigods ! You have even sent our state militia over seas ! stripping the states ability to ptotect it self . The Constitution only lows the state militia , to protect our shores against foreign threat and domestic threat from you ! You are afraid of the American citizen ! You already had the FBI report and waited to use this person to kill ! You could have prevented this murder ! The real blood is on your hsnds ! Not on the American Citizen or second amendment !

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