For some, hunting Bigfoot has become a trendy thing to do. Popularized by television shows such as Finding Bigfoot, trekking into the woods in hopes of locating Sasquatch has become a source of entertainment. For others, however, it is more than a passing interest. It is a passion, a way of life.

Two prime examples of dedicated Bigfoot enthusiasts are Mike Hexum and Abe Del Rio of Minnesota. Together they head out into the wilderness in search of their quarry. Hexum makes deer grunts and wolf calls, hoping Bigfoot will appear in search of a cervid meal, and he beats on trees the natural way, with limbs as a ‘squatch would. Del Rio prefers a special green bat and makes ape-like calls, recording his experience via camcorder.

The two hardworking men escape from their daily lives into the quiet woods hoping for the excitement of a Bigfoot encounter. Hexum’s fascination with the beast began at a mere 14 years old when he saw his first one from a deer stand. Del Rio was chased by a mother ‘squatch 16 years ago. At the time he ran away, but the fear was temporary and his fascination grew.

Although Bigfoot is seldom heard and rarely seen, adventure and thrill of the hunt is what draws this duo to search. Check out their story and the video below. You just might find yourself inspired to join in the search for the elusive Bigfoot.

Image is screenshot from video on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “The Minnesota Bigfoot Pursuit

  1. It seems a rather harmless diversion as long as they don’t want to kill one to prove the existence of “Bigfoot ” .

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