Logging is dangerous work, and for good reason it’s always at or near the top of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of Most Hazardous Occupations.

Unforgiving terrain, tools and heavy equipment built to chew through live wood, and trees and branches that fall unpredictably are all deadly perils that loggers face every day. But what happens when a huge tree simply collapses, like a descending barber chair, when your chainsaw is halfway through the trunk?

That’s what happened to Idaho timber feller Jeremy Cadotte as can be seen in this recent Facebook video. Fortunately for Jeremy, his survival instinct and cat-like reflexes kicked in just in time. And though his escape appears similar to the path of a hurdling pinball, it was in fact thought out and executed. “I didn’t want to go behind it,” he said. “’cause usually when they do that it goes straight back. I tried going up the rock but my corks weren’t biting, so I went the other way.”

P.S. Be sure to check out Jeremy’s Facebook photos. He’s an elk huntin’, wolf killin’, shed pickin’ mad man.

Image is screenshot from video on Facebook

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One thought on “Must-See Video: Lumberjack has Nowhere to Run

  1. The tree was large old-growth, rotten inside, and on public land. We do not need to cut our remaining old-growth wood, but the BLM persists. It should have been spared. Its rotten heart created a “widow-maker”, which breaks unpredictably. The logger knew that, and set up his camera to record his survival or demise. Reminds me of the logging scene where Henry Fonda lost an arm in the 60’s film, “Sometimes a Great Notion.” This logger was quick, and luckier than others.

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